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Post Hallowe’en Post

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Spinning 3D Jack-o-Lantern I’ve noticed in recent years that more kids here in Australia are into trick or treat. This year, I remembered to buy some sweets. And I was not the only somewhat bemused shopper wondering which to buy…three other women were stocking up ahead of the inevitable.
When the five children from my immediate neighbours clattered up the steps five minutes after we’d parked the carI was still making cute little packets of treats, but at least I did have something!
I asked if they knew what Hallowe’en was really about. One girl ” thought it was American.”So, along with Freddo Frogs and Minties they got a brief history of the tradition!Must be the school ma’am streak…


It’s fun to make people do a double take.
Like the time a woman was puzzled at what I was doing with pumpkins. On the floor. In the supermarket.
I could see her, looking at me as if I was strange. I ignored her and just kept lining up one pumpkin after another. On the floor. I saw her again in the “dairy” aisle and she clearly thought I was going to do something indecent with the yoghurt.
Swipe me! If she wasn’t in the “cat food” aisle when I rolled down there. Guess who was in the check out queue behind me?
So I put my pumpkins on the conveyor, lined up neatly, and waited. She was busting to ask, I could tell. I said nothing.
Out in the carpark…”Excuse me…I couldn’t help noticing…”
So I told her. I like to make soup and serve it in the shell and needed the pumpkins to sit evenly.
She looked so crestfallen I wished I’d told her some baloney about needing them for a coven meeting. Or something.



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