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What a Week!

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Well, it’s been more like “what a couple of weeks!” from where I stand. Yes, yes and another yes to all the Virginians who have tipped the scales in Washington.
Ooh! I bet the other two boys in Dubya’s Triumvirate are looking nervously over their shoulders.
And I also bet that 149,000 troops in Iraq are pleased at a certain resignation.
Happy as I am that decent people may finally be exerting pressure politically, I’m even happier to have had RAIN. Real, stormy rain. The sort of rain we used to expect during our wet season. Of course, this deluge has not broken the drought, but it’s a start.I whistled last night as I lip-read the TV news. I whistled at midnight when I crawled under the desk to switch off the pc. I even whistled this morning as I cleared the mud- blocked drain and hosed out the carport! And I’ll probably whistle when I have to mow the brown-grass-turned-to-green-jungle.

Artists are often prepared to do some pretty daft, sometimes even dangerous, things for their art. I have suffered hideous insect bites and scratches just to get some “really nice lake/coast/garden shots ” with a camera. Forgot to watch the tide once and had to hike over miles of bovine-infested Welsh farmland to get back to the road. So, no surprise, then that I jumped at the chance to scramble through thick tropical vegetation the other day.

Suitably garbed and mindful (but not scared!) of taipans and other slitherers, a few of us spent a couple of hours last week at the home of another artist collecting sketches,photos and seeds and, hopefully, ideas for an exhibition next year. (No, we didn’t encounter any snakes.Or ticks.And it was probably too dry for leeches.)

Posting now as I’m due “on stage” as a storyteller…


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