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i am snoozing peacefully on the deck when i receive the summons… it seems i am to be a hack for someone who claims to be very busy elsewhere. this, of course,will require extra portions of chicken and some of that vanilla low fat yoghurt which,as is well known, is something i am very fond of.

and, apparently, this is called a post. yeah. honey, a post is the thing i use for a manicure.

and before you race to make comments about lower case and lack of hyphens and what not,

let me suggest that you try walking on a keyboard wearing fur, not the keyboard. of course.

this business about being very busy elsewhere is all sham you crap, in fact. she spent the entire day yesterday swanning around a shopping mall. an entire day. well, she did spend a couple of hours helping an art group from mental health to make cards. and the shopping mall stuff doesn’t count as busy cos she didn’t do any shopping.not even a box of crunchies for me. came home muttering something about 4 figure car repairs and how me an’ the ginger one will have to eat generic junk food. not happy,jan, i told her.

damn. i wish i could do caps and shift. bet i could if the witch hadn’t trimmed my claws.

must say, it’s good to go into the garden without being hurled into the next county by the qw,/\][wind. that was a typo, but consider it an expletive,ok. for 2 days we have had boreas doing his damndest to evict us. the floors are like that stuff they call the beach and i hate that. scrub the floor or suffer the furballs, i told her. she says it’s worse in the city where we used to live cos they got hail stones and flying roof tiles. i said so what.i live here now and i don’t like the beach on my floor. theatrical cough…

i wonder how that archie chap managed to get caps…i think his book is here somewhere.maybe i can find some tips…what the hell.

maybe she will be back tomorrow. maybe not. you might be stuck with me…ha ha.what the hell. have fun.

posted by josh.

yes, that is me in the picture.with orchids.


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

5 thoughts on “PRESS GANGED!

  1. Hey Dinahmow Hum ~ thanks for visiting and welcome to the addictive world of blogging. You are no longer safe! Mwa ha ha. Love this post — you understand the feline mind well!


  2. Dinahmow, this is so funny. I enjoyed reading every bit of it. What an entertaining post and ooops, I forgot. Why am I thanking you? I should be thanking the cat! This is terrific! I will need to link you this weekend. I love your blog.


  3. Hello Josh,

    Nice of you to warn Boots about my claws. Thank you very much!

    However, this blogging business. You now got us strated in trouble. My mistress now wants me to write for her. It’s like working for my carrot, lettuce and perfume. I had it all made. I even got to cuddle on her warm chest while she rubbed and massaged me, all for nothing, just for looking pretty. Now you got this blogging work started! I can’t believe,. I have to work…

    Yours truly,


  4. Hi Josh,
    the silly lady in my house has gone to bed – so are we going out now?
    You can show me around Blogworld Road … best be quick though, I have to be back to jump on the silly lady’s head. I shout boo when I do it and she really jumps – it is so funny. You can watch if you want?
    See you in a mo,
    Boots x


  5. snowflake. hi. and how did you manage to get’s those long claws i s’pose.sorry if i’ve dumped work on you, but it has its might get more comments than ces.ha ha.dinahmow has just been to school where she helps children to she says she is spending the rest of the day doing her arty stuff.i like lettuce is it has olive oil on it.
    boots wants me to show him aroound so we’ll see you soon.

    boots. welcome to you, too.just scamper up the steps at the back of our house and jump at the bamboo thing that dangles there.i’ll come out. rusty the ginger cat might come, too, but he is more of a loner so maybe not.
    see ya. josh


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