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Well, seconding Josh to stand in for me proved to be a double-edged blade, didn’t it! He scores all the comments and now I have to shove him off the desk so that I can play with the toy! How fame does change some people…

I was recently swapping animal stories with a couple of friends (vets, wildlife rescuers and RSPCA officers all have a great store of scary and hilarious tales.) and today, another friend has sent me an email which I’m sharing with you.

I am off to school now to work with grade 4s on their puppet plays. With a little help, they have made hand puppets and written short sketches. Unfortunately, we had to revise some of the scripts as there was far too much mention of bombs and hi-jackings and shootings. These kids watch too much TV news!!

And now, for your entertainment


I am reminded of Sandy Deans’ visit to the now defunct lion park at Yatala in her mini-minor. On complimentary tickets she was showing a friend around. Ever mindful of the ranger’s admonition to ‘stay in your car and keep the windows closed at all times’, they halted to give way to a splendid pride crossing their path. Father lion casually climbed onto the bonnet, then onto the roof, where he flopped down to take his apres midi nap.
What a thrill – until the roof buckled under his weight and was at last pressing on Sandy ‘s and friend’s heads. In the resultant distortion the windscreen showed signs of popping out of its frame. Two delicious packaged leonine dinners sat awaiting their fate and tooting the horn for some- bloody -body to come get them the hell out of this.
Ranger arrived in his caged Land Rover, poked Leo with a pointy stick, congratulated the girls for their good sense in remaining in their car, and drove off with a cheery wave. Back at the gate-office the severely stooped duo – expostulating through jammed doors – told staff Sandy would expect the lion park to pay for repairs. Sorry, said the man, you’re on complimentary tickets. See ya later.
The dual moral is, there’s no such thing as a free lunch for lions, nor is there any such thing as free car repairs for compressed humans.

Thanks for that, John.


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  1. Josh, grab your hat. I’m taking you to a hat party while Dinahmow goes to work so she can buy you more yogurt.


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