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Rusty has found a hat!

Yesterday’s pictures did leave much to be desired, so I googled for something better and found this on Wikipedia. It is not one of the bats that we see around here, but it’s a much better photo!

And on the subject of photos…I wonder if Santa Claus knows how much I need a really good camera.And Photoshop.A scanner might be nice, too…

I did have a scanner which came with the new printer when I had to replace the one which died. I bought it on a Friday, installed it,did one trial scan and all was well. Then I was very busy until the Sunday evening.Switched on the new printer and its little green light blinked twice, like a drunken elf, then went out. Completely.Permanently.All functions dysfunctional.

I do not like “lemons” so I took it back to the store. The salesgirl was all smiles and sympathy until I said I’d like a cash refund, please. Wow! Gone was the smile (and her commission, I suppose!) and the refund was thrust at me with a curt “sign here” and she wheeled away to practise her charm on another customer.

I took my refund to another store and bought another printer. But this one doesn’t have a scanner.
So, if Santa Claus still has time before Christmas …or I could wait til the January sales…

On the radio this morning I heard a newsreader say: “Fiji on high coup alert…” and this sprang to mind
the army threatens
another coup in Fiji
poets stand ready.

I refer you to my Blog’s title!





Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

8 thoughts on “STILL BATTY

  1. ah don’t you love technology?
    I love bats. We only have little Brownies but they eat Mosquitoes so we love them. There are more Bat Boxes going up in our City Parks and backyards now so hopefully that will help the little fellas.
    Thank goodness that it is Fiji on high alert and not Fuji! People can live with political turmoil and happily ignore the plight of other humans..
    but if the cost of film is affected..well then,
    that’s another story altogether!


  2. I want to know what the interest in bats is about. They are scary animals and we have rabid bats here last summer.

    I too would like a scanner but I don’t want Santa to bring it. I want to get it myself so I get what I want – the least number of buttons as possible. I just press one button and everything works. I wonder if there is such a thing?


  3. ces, bats are cute little critters! Sadly, the only test for the virus in bats involves the brainstem and for that, the bat must be dead.Too late for the bat if it’s found NOT to have the virus!
    The bats are vital pollinators of many species of plants.
    Like ALL natural life, they have a place on the planet.
    The first scanner I had was (according to the instructions!) easy to use. I managed;it was the machine that went kerflooey, not me!


  4. Hi, thanks for the visit, and the input on the hoyas. Luckily mine are exactly where you say they flourish, and they are a mass of blooms right now. I’ve really enjoyed your batty, catty posts! We also have a Josh, a siamese who totally owns us and anyone else who comes to his house. He loves other cats, but will not tolerate dogs, he has even been known to send a German Shepherd packing when it was misguided enough to visit!


  5. I did so want to leave an anonymoose comment!!!


  6. Ahh! But you figured out a way to get past that, didn’t you, you clever old moose! Go check your email…


  7. How does one find bats cute? I just find them scary! But loved the pics! 🙂


  8. I suppose more people think bats scary than cute.Spiders and snakes fare about the same.Thanks for liking the pics anyway!


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