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she’s got me fixing her muddles again. she seems to think that i will have more luck with posting pictures…

firstly, dinah is pleased that some people like bats and she hopes that one day everyone will like them. but we all know that there is no such thing as a perfect score…

and the confession is that the pictures of shona bat were really pictures of a leather- and – faux-fur bat made by our friend shona. who also is batty for bats. shona usually hangs on a curtain rod in our living room. the bat, silly, not friend shona. mind you, friend shona is sometimes very funny…

dinah supported the bat box scheme in england and had a box somewhere in essex. i think she called it effing forest. or maybe she said there is not much effing forest left where bats can roost.

i am an australian so i do not know about these things. i do know about the critters we had at our other house. a lot of critters. hawks, eagles, owls, possums, parrots, lizards. sometimes, they stayed with us a long time. sometimes, we made them well and let them go. and sometimes they died. except the possum who lived in a cupboard in the spare bedroom.

sammy, the cat-before-me, used to catch mice for the owl. the owl had to live with dinah because he flew into a windscreen. which seems a dumb thing for a smart bird to do. here is a picture…no.

clever as i am, i cannot make the blogger work today. perhaps, when she returns from school, dinah can do it.

but now, as i have this all to myself, i am going to read my own favourite blogs. i have heard that there are things called short cuts and they sound most tasty…


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. Hi Josh.
    Tanks for bisiting my blog. You write real good an spell good too. Is dat natcheral for you or do you gotta use spellcheck?
    BTW how did you find my blog? Most ob da peeps dat read mine are quilters cuz dats what my Mum likes to do.
    See you!


  2. hi, triller.
    i think, sometimes, i would trade spelling for upper case.
    not sure how i found you. it might have been ‘blog-hopping’ or it might have been when dinah saw your avatar on a comment at deb r’s site.
    actually, i am thinking about getting my very own blog, like you have.
    you talk like farran, mon. where do you come from.
    tell your mum dinah is a quilter if unfinished stuff counts. mostly these days, she draws and writes.
    ciao. this is italian for see ya. i know this as i am an educated cat.


  3. I lib in Canada. I don no why I talks like dis…nobuddy els in da fambly does. Mebe I picked it up when I libbed in da shelter. Sometimes I wisht I could talk better but my friens tol me dey like me jus da way I am. An Im berry smart eben if I don talk good Englush.
    Mum has lots of unpinnished quilts too. We started painting on da comp las summer when itwas too hot to be in da sewing room. Now Mum would like to try to make art quilts from da digital art but she don know how to begin.
    Does your Mum hab pitchers ob her work?


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