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this is josh, the blog-mog. dinah has gone to the purveyor of pussy fare. as she ought, after what she did to us yesterday. what? you ask. even now, i flatten my ears and stress- salivate at the thought. she only took us to the vet, that’s what. well out of order, i think. so treats are definitely in order.
but just to show good faith and to amuse my fans, i have nicked one of her daft poems. enjoy.
by the way, did you notice how dextrous i now am? didja? didja?
off to have a snooze now.


© D.J.Patmore

The Wellbeloved trousers were tight as a drum
Over the Wellbeloved Christmas pud tum
And stretched to the limit o’er the Wellbeloved bum.
Held fast by a button and frayed linen thread…


The Wellbeloved brain gave it never a thought
While dancing and prancing in Christmassy sport
(Though given the imminent danger, it ought!)
But bubbles of Bollinger danced in his head…


The vigourous reel proved too much for the string
Button and linen were rent with a Ping!
With stitches to fabric declining to cling.
And Wellbeloved’s cheeks glowed embarrassing red…


Hitching his netherwear up from the floor
The mortified Wellbeloved raced for the door
Hearing each snigger, each hearty guffaw.
Poor Mr. Wellbeloved wished he were dead…


The moral of this which to you I bequeath:
Never neglect to wear culottes beneath.


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. god how do you do that?
    cannot rhyme for the life of me.
    deal with it-you could be a rapper. dinamowG!
    to your momma!


  2. Hi Josh. I must say, you DO deserve a treat! An I suppose she stuffed you into dat little crate for da journey too eh?
    Da poem is funny. I had Mum read it outloud to me.
    I like how you write. Maybe sumday I can write as good as you!


  3. FN….sometimes, easily, sometimes with a struggle!

    Triller…you seem to be doing pretty well as you are.especially as your mom only lets you use the pc occasionally.


  4. Oh I am laughing out loud. This is hilarious. You and Sharon talked about showing off rears this week.

    What a clever poem. Oh Josh, I agree with you – treats are in order.


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