No List of New Year Resolutions for me.

I am not a lover of lists. In fact, I find myself becoming more and more “list-less” as time goes by. On the rare occasion I jot down a few things on a scrap of paper, I invariably forget to take the wretched “list” with me when I go shopping.My mother can probably take credit for this. She worked on the theory that my brain (all brains) had millions of unused cells that were just floating around in the cerebral soup, waiting to be given specific tasks. If they were not used, they would die and “you’ll have a head full of dead cells with no room for new ones!” So, no written lists for Dinah when sent on errands. Our butcher was very impressed!

But I know people who are inveterate list-makers. They have Lists of Things To Do. Some spend so much time making lists of things to do they never get around to doing any of them!

A neighbour of mine once categorised her lists, for Pete’s sake! I’m not kidding…she had one of those enormous A1 sheets of paper tacked on her kitchen wall. From Sunday to Saturday, each day a different colour, chores were listed, some with sub-headings (again, colour-coded) and some highlighted, some with sticky labels, like drop-down menus. As tasks were completed, they were ticked off. Anything not done (Heaven forfend!) had a highlighted arrow to a new place on the chart. She once asked me to feed her animals while she was away for a weekend and she left five A4 pages of instructions, with diagrams for the re-setting of an electric timer in the event of a power cut! (And the pink and lime highlighters were left out for me to mark certain completed chores!)



The housework chez Dinahmow was cut to a minimum while we enjoyed a lazy break from routine. Beyond the essential stuff, I did very little. And I must now pay the price, with interest. Compound interest, by the look of things!


Speak to me not of dust!

Talk, if you must

Of debauchery! Boozing!

Of unbridled lust

But not dust.



That demon, choking mist.

Message board for feet and fingers,

Sign-posting their way.

Defiant of all removal efforts

Of the housewife’s art

From ragged underpants

To thousand-dollar Dyson.

Still it rolls, cloaking, choking

On from whence it comes.




And where is whence?

The building site beyond my boundary fence!





While I do not make airy-fairy lists of things I know I have little chance of doing, I do resolve to start or complete some projects.

I shall continue blogging.

I shall try to make my blog interesting.

I WILL master this new-fangled, frustrating technology.$@*&#!! *

I will continue to draw every day.

I will lose the weight gained last month and maintain a healthy(ish) body.

I will dress sensibly and stay sober if I ever go to another party on Blogworld Road. Shocked






And now ( already two days behind!) I wish everyone Good Things in 2007.

* Repeat.







7 thoughts on “A CLEAN SLATE

  1. no lists for me either. except groceries.

    no need to stay sober at cherrypie’s next party. i will be glad to help you as needed.

    look forward to getting to know you in the new year!


  2. Dinahmow, I am glad I read this. I have a lot of lists. People give me lists. I want to be list-less. I love that new word. You are a word creator. I have one thing I want to maintain – my sanity, even that, it is a thin line between sanity and insanity. I am not making any sense. I am exhausted from all the celebrations. I have a list of things to do, wait a minute I said no list. I feel better already.


  3. You’re my kind of woman. I abandoned lists long ago with the exception of the ubiquitous grocery list, which I rarely seem to remember to take with me, but just the act of writing it down helps me remember. Sometimes.

    HOWEVER you have reminded me of the dust situation here. After a New Year’s Day Open House the place is a disaster so I’m drinking tea and reading blogs! 🙂 Doesn’t bode well for 2007, does it?

    Happy New Year, Dinah, and I will be reading your further adventures with great interest!



  4. I don’t do lists either, Dinahmow, although I’m finding that unless something isn’t written in my diary, it doesn’t happen.

    You must certainly NOT dress sensibly or stay sober for any future parties at my place.

    Happy New Year, neighbour x


  5. kj…Cherrypie says I needn’t be sober, so let’s you and I fall off the wagon togrther.

    ces…you’re not really insane in the clinical sense. Just mad to do so much! Pop over to #10 for coffee and an “iron pill.”

    Andrea. What’s wrong with sipping tea and reading blogs? Beats the bejeezlehoop out of dusting!Id better go and have some adventures for you to read about!

    Cherry…OK.I’ll be like Myron’s Auntie who thinks sherry is non-tipsy-making!


  6. Bejeezlehoop — I love that. I’d steal it if I could remember it after a couple of seconds.

    Got your email — glad you like the cat — but I dumped it in a frenzy of file management this a.m. (had to abandon my tea to go on a fundraising bottle drive so got ‘effeicient’ all of a sudden) so can’t respond so this will have to do.


  7. Damn! And I did so want to make an anonymous comment! I didn’t realize that I’d been cookied!

    D U S T

    by Frank Halliwell ..
    Jimboomba, Australia
    Public Domain

    A friend wrote a lament to dust.
    She swore and fumed and long discussed
    A publicly proclaimed decree
    That dust was her sworn enemy!

    But dust we know, has long withstood
    Endless attacks by womanhood,
    And warded off from dusk to dawn
    Their sprays and rags and feathered wands.

    It merely moves from place to place
    Drifting around with easy grace,
    Till once again it gently drops
    To shelf and desk and tabletop

    And settles down scorned and eschewed,
    There to remain until pursued
    Again in unavailing chase
    Around the house from place to place.

    But in the end, they suffer pains:
    Sore backs and arms: -the dust remains,
    For dust is an eternal thing
    Always benign, not menacing!

    As husbands know, the dust exists
    For writing notes and grocery lists,
    For jotting down phone numbers too!
    – A handy kind of residue!

    For one may write on dust with ease,
    And save the paper, and those trees!
    …A notepad that is heaven-sent
    For guarding the environment!
    And so, off to the Woodridge flea market to invest in some junk I don’t need and shall likely never use!


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