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someone suggested i do a little research on my family tree, so i wandered down into the garden to the tree i prefer for my manicure. the only other cat near that tree was milo who lives next door and i don’t think he is from my family. but dinahmow said ‘someone was referring to a different kind of tree.’ why are humans so ambiguous? anyway, dinah found a website which claims to have aristocatic sic titles and this is my title.

Sir Josh the Recumbent of Fritterton-in-the-Marsh

well, well. it’s not too bad, is it?

silly, she said. silly? say what you like, dinahmow, i am keeping it.
oh, look…she’s at it again. now the ginger one also has a fancy title.

The Most Honourable Rusty the Ambidexterous of Yockenthwait Walden

i say this is enough. we are cats and we know we have a long and proud lineage. still, if it amuses her, we will play along. there will have to be rewards commensurate with our exalted standing, of course…


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

13 thoughts on “MY ELEVATED STATUS

  1. I bows down to you Sir Josh!
    Mum fanks Dinah for da link wiff da postcards. Shes still doing all her painting on da computer. I guess she will paint on da fabric when she is ready.
    See you!


  2. Excellent titles! How did you master the keyboard all of a sudden Sir Josh? You even figured out how to post a photo. 🙂


  3. triller…i don’t stand on ceremony, though i do sometimes stand on a chair to reach the bench.

    ces…thankyou. and i still have trouble on the keys, but i can manage ? with my right paw and Z with my left paw. it’s a shame my title does not come with flunkies.
    and photos are easy if blogger does not eat them. blogger eats a lot of things.


  4. Rusty — he’s Dinahmow’s cat. I knew one of them had stripes! 🙂


  5. Andrea…yes, Rusty is stripey, but you’ve got Josh’s colour to a “T” and I don’t care – I love it anyway! It’s bove the pc now.
    By the way, didn’t Frank Zappa do something about cats?


  6. Cats no — pussies yes. Dinahmow hum, Dinahmow hum, where’s this Dinahmow coming from… (Sorry, this is a family blog, I know.)


  7. Hahahaha!!!

    I love Andrea’s comments 🙂


  8. Yes… I also have a title…

    The Very Lady Pearl something something something – or – other.

    I can’t remember all the long words.

    I have to go take my nap now.


  9. Great Titulars..are they from the John Cleese Blog? the wire fence around the cats electrified..looks like the one in Jurrasic Park.

    Bless you andrea for being able to recite Zappa tunes..what a hip and happenin’ site this is.


  10. andrea & ces…yes, the kind of cat that lives in a house!

    pearl…our humans are hell-bent on giving us fancy-scmancy names, aren’t they?

    he…nice of you to “jet” in. and thanks for the nod to john title is from


  11. he…’bout the wire. no, it’s not a shocker. lots of houses here have wires as deck rails, to a) make owners feel they are on luxury yachts and, b)not obscure the views, for which the owners paid squillions!


  12. Just kidding about the fortification barrier it looks marvelous and the cats look very relaxed..aren’t they supposed to be guarding the house against Taipans and Funnel Web Spiders???


  13. he…and doing a darn’ good job, too! Only snakes I’ve seen up here are a couple of tree types and a ground-dwelling, moderately venomous one.No FWs in this district, I’m pleased to say.


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