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Josh (my sometime stand-in) meows at the screen door.If he’s outside. If inside,he purrs loudly in my ear while treading my pillow.

The pheasant coucal empties his water bottle…

Sundry other birds join the pheasant. A dog barks, signalling the canine chorus.

Unless…it’s raining. In which case, all I hear is the rain drumming on the roof, the slapping of palms against each other and the house.The wind, whooshing, roaring along the narrow path behind the house. The Niagara of water pouring from the roof, rushing along driveway, path, gutter.

And what might others hear? Me, cursing the fact that this house does not have collection tanks. And cursing (much louder, now!) the Local Authority for not making water collection mandatory.

Politicians are scrambling to slam shut the metaphoric stable door. A tad late, fellas!

In a country of such fickle climate, you’d think the most precious commodity (and, yes, it IS viewed as a commodity and as such, attracts a dollar value) would rate higher on the political scale than weaponry.

You’d be wrong.


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

19 thoughts on “SOUNDS TO BEGIN MY DAY…

  1. a bvery cool post, dinahmow! i love hearing about your sounds of the morning. and you have my agreement on conservation. how in the world did the priorities of we human beings get so screwed up? i will never understand it!

    with that rant off my mind, thank you for being wise!


  2. You said NIAGARA…which was the honeymoon capital of NorthAmerica for decades…
    Hmmm…I am wondering if the aging Baby Boomers would return there if they changed the name to VIAGARA FALLS..
    which sounds like a brand new oxymoron.


  3. testing testing


  4. blimey! It’s working! I better say something quick . . .
    so quick in fact you missed it


  5. water is what I wanted to talk about and the lack of it in my lifetime – will there still be some on Cyprus when I retire there d’you think?


  6. next week in my dreams

    in reality?

    12 years time if I’m very lucky


  7. my third attempt at responding! such witty replies, too…sigh…

    kj…my “wisdom” is but a drop in the ocean

    he…back homo again? great oxymoron!

    ziggi…hurrah! the witch is back!told you that eye of newt’d work! Right now, I have some surplus water.Quite a lot of surplus water. I’ll give you some.All shipping costs to Cyprus responsibility of recipient.


  8. it can only be about 6.15 am – what are you doing up? Is it the rain keeping you awake? It’s my birthday tomorrow but your having it already – am I having a great time?


  9. here we’re very close to outstripping the infrastructure’s ability to provide an uninterrupted supply. and in a region which holds the record for rainfall in the contiguous U.S. people are going to be waking up very soon. waking up real grumpy.


  10. FN..Makes you wonder just how loud the “wake up call” has to be, doesn’t it?


  11. I think they’re all hoping to make water only available by bottle to everyone on the planet.

    They’ll own our asses then, ey?


  12. Couldn’t get to the pheasant website, but it does sound like a beautiful image, D…

    Does this mean that you are being inundated by tropical downpours that your house cannot handle?

    I hope all goes well with it…you can have some of our weather, if you like, simply to freeze it all in its tracks.


  13. … typical of politians / a day late and a dollar short ;-\0


  14. oops… I meant politicians … on vacation/that’s my excuse for all typos this month!


  15. Whatcha been upto D-mow?


  16. Still wet? It is here!


  17. Thanks for the cool link :). We both enjoyed it.


  18. Waking up to rain is a very familiar sight/sound here in the Pacific Northwest – US. It drums and rattles in the gutters over my studio. I *do* have a couple of collection barrels – but they can only hold a miniscule percentage of what falls – and then that doesn’t go very far when the rain stops for the summer. I haven’t figured out a better way to address the whole water issue…


  19. Beautiful sounds, I can hear them!


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