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Yes, I know this poor old thing has been somewhat neglected for the past few weeks.
And it’s going to be neglected for the next few weeks!

In a few hours I shall be winging my way across the Tasman. Perhaps I shall have exciting adventures to write about.Who knows?(If I’m lucky, I’ll have the sort of adventures I do NOT want to post!)

Meanwhile, I leave you with a little something that spilled from my sleepy brain one night…



There was movement at “The Castle” for the builders had returned
And the Boss had been on site to crack the whip.
There was yards of plastic wrapping, steel pins and wire strapping.
And very little of it in the skip!

Now the site was steep and tricky. On the northern side the scree
Made it hard to keep a foothold on the slope.
We nearly lost ol’ Gazza, but his shorts were grabbed by Bazza,
And after that, we linked-up on a rope.

The blokes who brought the girders were out-of-work sheep herders,
Forced North by the Monaro’s record dry.
Why they saw how high the roofline stuck up ‘way above the skyline
Well, they figured there were better ways to die!

Like a giant praying mantis, rearing high above the ground,
A concrete truck was beating out a rhythm
And cement trucks, in a fleet, were growling up the street
And every driver had a Heeler with him!

All the ruts were full of muck and a concrete truck got stuck
And no amount of revving got him clear – the Readymix was axle-deep in swill.
When a kid who had been watching said :”I’ve got a good idea!
Vere’s a farmer wiv a twactor down ‘ve hill.”

So off we all went trooping like an ANZAC Day parade
With the little boy leading, with a dog.
(One, his nose a-twitch, had gone seeking out a bitch
and some had chased a possum up a log.)

The sugar farmer chappy wasn’t really happy
That some dork’s truck might cause him a delay.
But the chance to make a buck by hauling out a truck
Just might help to off-set the FTA.

He said: “I’ll see youse fellas right
If y’ come back here tonight.
If you want the tractor now
You’ll have to pay!” © 2004



Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

6 thoughts on “HOMEWARD BOUND

  1. Marvelous.
    Listen don’t stay out in the real world for any significant length of time…
    its no place for a sentient being like yourself to get mixed up in..
    nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there!
    See you soon, toodaloo, abientot et bon voyage!


  2. Et merci, beaucoup, mon ami. Sentient, huh.Nice of you to think so.Back in time for green beer, begorrah!


  3. Have a lovely time – be adventurous – we get about 600,000 hours on average, so make everyone count!
    What do those stick insects eat on Ball’s Pyramid?


  4. Enjoy and bring me something back — like a suntan!


  5. Have a lovely, marvelous time! I hope there is *something* you can report on your return. 🙂


  6. you’re gonna land somewhere, though, right? because if you don’t you could just blog about stuff you did on the plane, like using a metal potty and inhaling other peoples recycled exhale and how easy it is to mess with a steward on amphetamines.
    that’s what i’d do anyway.


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