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Waitakere Ranges, west of Auckland.

This is a picture of some very big branches on a very big tree. Unfortunately, the stunningly beautiful blonde goddess in the foreground may make it difficult to concentrate on the botanical wonder… click pics to enlarge.

Yes, tis moi, returned from a too-fleeting trip. Briefly (for my brain is still somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle!), the NZ trip was lovely. Lots of good catch-ups with people not seen for many years. And even unexpected catch-ups!
Weather was sun -burningly hot the first week; my nose sloughed its epidermis! Then it was cloudy/rainy, but hey! just being back was wonderful.
And I met a fellow blogger! Hello, Denise. Thanks for showing me around some of your local sites. Any time you’re over this side of the “ditch” I’ll do the same. (Now get to work on that design!)

Some of the fings wot i done on me ‘oliday:

Went on a friend’s smallish boat all around Tauranga Harbour and a short way up the coast.And sustained some colourful bruises when our gallant captain didn’t slow down as two much bigger motor launches passed by. Double bow waves at speed -ouch! But great fun.We threw the anchor over in a pretty spot and had coffee and marshmallow Easter eggs (?!) for elevenses! Cruised the creek which is popular with water skiers. And is also popular with amorous sharks! Gaped at the squillion $$$ palaces built in spots that, in my youth, were out-of-the-way weekend hideaways. Drummed our fingers in frustration as we sat, grid-locked in traffic. More than once! Got lost on once-familiar streets. More than once! Upset some people when I said that Auckland’s Sky Towerlooks like a hypodermic needle. Quaffed copious quantities of vino and coffee.Laughed a lot. Reminisced a lot.Shed the odd tear.

Hadn’t time for a proper bush hike, but did walk a few gravel trails through some areas.(see Waitakere pic)
And realised that what I miss the most is the bush. Mana whenua.*
Of course, now that I am back, I have an enormous pile of paperwork on my desk.And a couple of exhibitions to knuckle-down to (not sure that’s good grammar, but …) and the outstanding promise to have a MAJOR clean-up indoors and in the garden.
When? Oh…maybe this side of Christmas. Let’s not be too hasty! First, I have some blogs to read…
* mana whenua may be approximately translated to mean “connection to the land.” And, just in case some readers are unaware, Aotearoa New Zealand is, like Canada, bi-lingual.Officially. Sort-of. Some signs/labels are in Maori, but English is still predominant!
aotearoa is “land of the long white cloud.” Or, as I have recently seen, “land of the wrong white crowd.”

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

12 thoughts on “AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND

  1. Thanks for pointing out the tree in the second one — I missed it the first time! πŸ™‚


  2. andrea…see, I knew that goddess would dazzle folk!


  3. I love the goddess’ pants. Dinahmow, when I was growing up, I learned a lot about New Zealand because my older sister’s penpal was from New Zealand. They have been pen pals since they were 14 years old and they still write to each other and my sister is now 56. They never met.

    I always love reading about the Maori culture. I always think New Zealand is a beautiful country. Someday I hope to visit New Zealand and Australia.

    I love the tree. I love trees. Seems like a great vacation.


  4. i thought you went to tasmania.
    new zealand, then.
    what a fantastic looking place. i could have skipped the boatride over the mating sharks, but everything else looks so dreamy.
    i like the goddess’ pants too. half my summer wardrobe looks like that!
    glad you are back, chickie!


  5. FN…I didn’t actually see any sharks, mating or otherwise, but that’s OK cos I did once see one closer than I liked!And, yes, it really is beautiful in lots of places.


  6. Glad you made it back safely. Was definitely a pleasure to meet you, and I’ll take you up on that offer. One day…. πŸ™‚


  7. nice trews!


  8. and that Sky Tower is very thin and pointy, much as you say, like a needle.
    My view of NZ is based on the filming in Lord of the Rings – the scenery was the best bit! We are definitely going to do an antipodean tour one of these days – I can’t wait.


  9. Sounds wonderful and worth letting the paperwork stack up. Love the term “mana whenua” … I’m going to use it from now on!


  10. Coffee and marshmallow easter eggs?! Yum! Girl, you know how to vacation!

    (Of course, I stopped reading RIGHT THEN to comment, so now must go back and enjoy the rest of your story.)

    Oh, and thanks for leaving a pebble!


  11. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures and information about New Zeland.


  12. sugars&salts…thanks for coming by.You have some lovely WOW pictures, too.


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