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blogger is working!
this is me, resting because my day is all screwed up…


when we lived in the country, i learned about tags. tags are ugly bits of plastic which farmers attach to animals’ ears. personally,if anyone tries to poke holes in my ears with that punch thing-y…just remember, i have a lot more sharp poke-y bits than you do,buster!

but…wait a minute…dinah says this is a different sort of tag. how like people to confuse meanings.

my friend, triller, who is a canadian cat, gave me this tag. now it is my turn to tag 5 more good blogs.

this may seem easy, but dinah reads more than 5 blogs! and most of the people who read this read the same blogs. but,as dinah is mostly interested in art instead of the important things, like buying more food for me and rusty, here are some blogs which interest her. more than 5? is that a capital offence?

and some of them have shadows moving about and they definitely interest me!

andrea some great art. of course, i may be a little biased!

ziggi very funny. there is a cat,too,called dolce. where is gabbana?

cynthia art,crossing 3 styles and some of it moves!

belinda some of the best explanations by an artist of her work. sometimes, animals.

maggie more animals and very funny writing.

jana all sorts of things here; even emergency response.

dinah says i must post this now and perhaps, later,she will have a turn. a funny turn? see what i mean about people and meanings. they’re mad, all of ’em!

josh the blog mog.

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

15 thoughts on “TAGGED

  1. OOOOO there’s me! How exciting and I’m very honoured, but,
    What do I do now????????


  2. Oo. Those are some of my favourite blogs, too! Especially the first :). Thought I’d come out of my self-imposed computer hiatus (must de-clutter the brain — it’s on overload) to pop in and see whatcha been up to. Very worthwhile things I see! Thanks, Di, you’re Dinahmyte.


  3. Ziggi…tell us where you got that spiffing outfit!

    andrea…Dinah often does!


  4. Isn’t that just like a cat to sleep on a bed of screws! Hey, thanks for the tag and for the funny image. My cat is currently sleeping on top of my monitor with half of her hanging over the screen.


  5. That photo is too darn funny!

    I’m also honored! Thank you and I feel like I’m in good company.

    I think if I had to do the tasks that are involved in living on a farm, I would most likely be a vegetarian.


  6. That photo has so many possible innuendic possibilities that I may just pass out from my Herculean efforts to restrain my inner smartass…


  7. Love this…

    Isn’t it funny how small a world it turns out to be sometimes?


  8. Hi Josh…you looks all cozy dere snoozing in da sun.
    Mum an me will hafta check out da blogs you listed. Fun to do!
    See ya!


  9. Hey Dinahmow – how the heck are you? Are you sitting down? Brace yourself…you won my blogaversary giveaway! Congratulations – email me at and I can get your address, glaze and shape preference and send your prize.

    All my best, Cynthia


  10. andrea and ziggi. top of my list too.

    i hope you are well….



  11. You’re becoming a third person now, Dear Dinah?


  12. WW…you may be right! I’m up to the oxters in work so might have to let Josh loose again.If I can wake him!


  13. thanks for coming to my party



    (when I get around to sorting out the party bags, I’ll let you know to come and collect yours!)


  14. This poor cat is like the hindu yogies….sleeping on a bed of nails.


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