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OK , now, be honest…when you saw the title, what was your first thought? Did you get all hot and bothered thinking of Yul Brynner? Or maybe Steve McQueen? Perhaps you went more for the evil Eli Wallach?

Or maybe you had a flashback to childhood and Snow White? (Can YOU name all seven dwarfs?)

Or maybe you have just read this blog , where Vivienne tagged me to pass on the tag to seven others whose art blogs I enjoy reading. Gee, Viv! You’ve already listed some of my regulars, but here goes:

Andrea shows some great art, from brush and lens and writes with wit.

Victoria does beautiful portraits, accompanied by very real stories, often featuring Jamaican life.
Cynthia is currently building up her ceramic artworks, but she’s talented in other disciplines, too!

Jenclair is not “just a quilter” but a prolific reader (see her book blog) and handy with the camera and has links to all sorts of interesting sites.

Ces and her blog-partner, Isabella (who lives in a Moleskin!) have a re-vamped blog.

Jana has watercolours,warmth and wit. A bit on the dreamy side… go see!

Tara is an all-round good sport! Her feet have barely touched the ground after her Italy trip and she’s agreed to this tag, with the proviso that her deadline (she’s a professional illustrator) comes first!Thanks, Tara.

So…that was the easy part of the tag. Now I have to come up with 7 facts about moi! This is the point where I hand the keyboard to my “ghost writer.” Josh-josh-josh! whistles the official whistle Here, boy!

what? you want me to do what? tell readers 7 interesting things about you? seven,you say…ooh,boy. this will take a whole boxful of crunchies and then some.

1. dinahmow is not her real name. but she thinks people will think she’s a dynamo.

2. she knows swear words in several languages and sometimes says them.

3. she says she will sing raunchy songs in a jazz bar when she is 70. she’d better start practising.
4. she has won prizes for writing limericks.

5. she has 31 teeth instead of 32.

6. she was an actress.

7. her initials are scratched on the wall of a castle in wales. she wont say which one.

now can i go back to sleep on the sofa?

And now it’s the turn of my Magnificent Seven to list their 7 art blogs, plus 7 self-facts.Please leave the instructions in each one’s comments with a link back to me. And have fun, which, after all, is what life should be.

Thank you, Josh. And thankyou, Vivienne for gracing me with the title”artist” which I take as a huge honour since I’m nobbut a poor scribbler,me. Thanks, too, to all the others who are participating.The grocer beckons…


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. Tee hee, was it you who scratched your initials in or was it someone else??

    Thanks for being a part of the Mag. 7…I’ll work on my list in the near future. : )


  2. I’m going to Wales next saturday, tell me where and I’ll add mine!

    Tell me the bar, the time, the place and I’ll be there to applaud!

    Just reading your blog I can tell you’ve had a really interesting life – I bet the grafitti and the actressing barely scratch the surface! I’d love to hear more!


  3. These are quirky and fun. Kinda like Dinahmow. I’ll have to think on this. I kind over over-memed it on the weird facts (and figures) my first year blogging (I’m an old hand you see) and don’t know if I have anything left up my sleeve. If I can manage something you’ll be the first to know!


  4. about the intials…not telling in case the Welsh lock my in one of the dungeons!
    And, Ziggi, I said when I’m 70 so you have a little time to wait!

    Andrea, I know you’re up to your oxters so that’s OK.


  5. you were an actress? dang! tv, stage, film, street mime?
    i can totally believe the prizes for limericks. you can rhyme like snoop dog, yo.

    oh, and, happy mothers day!
    well if you lived here it would be mothers day. go make someone wait on you anyway!


  6. I certainly never thought the Magnificent were men !! Thanks for your note DyNAmo ! I was enjoying being idle in the sun today – well idle is relative – i was trying my darndest to decipher the instructions for a knitting pattern. Being relatively idle and in the sun – listening to the eagles sing was nice though !


  7. FN…long ago, in a galaxy far, far away…on the stage. It was one of the shortest “careers” in history! A fair bit of Am Dram since then.

    Marie…I think I’d rather listen to eagles than wrestle with a pattern!


  8. oh heck – am dram – and I was so rude about it! actually they weren’t half bad and I did enjoy it – shame it wasn’t better supported. we shall definitely be going again.


  9. dinahmow — you are a delight! Thanks for the tag. Let me think on it for a bit!

    Have no way to email you — link a sister up.


  10. ziggi…don’t worry – I’ve been pretty rude about it at times,too!



  11. permit for taxidermy???
    bloody hell what haven’t you done?


  12. ziggi…not much!


  13. I thought of the Seven Samurai actually! (a Japanese film upon which the Yule B one was based)


  14. iltv…yes, I could have said 7 samurai.Most readers are probably not old enough to have seen the Yul Brynner one!


  15. i’m most intrigued that you were an actress. there’s a post i’d love to read!


  16. Dinahmow, I thought I left a comment for this post. Anyway, thanks for tagging me and I already did mine. I wanted to leave a message for your new post (the artwork in your walls) I love your collection. Did you disable your comments for that post?


  17. An actress, huh, with your initials etched into a castle somewhere, no doubt accompanied by swear words in different dialects?

    We want more…


  18. Ces…no, I think it happened when Blogger updated. All fixed now!

    ww…it was in another life and you’ll have to wait for my autobiog. (To be published posthumously to avoid lawsuits!)


  19. Ok-dokey Dinahmow, I have a bit of a break, now I’ll see if I have a bit of a brain to devote to this! šŸ™‚


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