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all seems well again…comments are enabled!

Back-tracking a few months…Andrea showed us some of the art she has collected and KJ asked if I’d show you the work that graces our walls.

My excuse at the time was that my camera was “not up to it.” More pertinently, my photographic skills were not up to it! Come on, guys! I couldn’t compete with some of the stunning images that so many of you post! Even the revelations of WW’s closet and pantry left me on the starting blocks. (And I can’t bear to think of my office in comparison with that of Ces!)

Then, the new camera came into my life. Of course, I’m still on training wheels, but the beauty of digital technology is that the rubbish can be so quickly and so simply garbaged. Yay! For digi-cams!

Another difficulty for me is that this house has so many windows just about every photo has multiple reflections. The easy way, I suppose, would be to photgraph every picture, one at a time, from the same hook, with doors closed and lights off. Or not.

So…here is a selection of some of the artwork that we like to look at, arrived at by means of comical and sometimes painful gymnastic contortions.

A lino print made be my friend, Brigitte Zimmermann, on a day we were sharing studio time. I loved it then, so imagine how I felt when I opened my birthday gift!

No prizes for knowing this one! A poster, laminated years ago, this was the first thing I unpacked on moving day.Oh, alright…it’s Durer’s “Young Field Hare.” See the date? 1502.

An awkward angle because of its size and position; this is a print of a watercolour by American Hal Larsen. One of his south-west works,”Los Encantados.”
I’m sure this will ring some bells! I have a “rule” about buying things: if it is still for sale on the second time around, I buy! A useful rule,it can be applied to shoes, shrubs, hats, whatever. And for those who may not have seen it before…it’s a manipulated digital print from fellow blogger, Andrea Pratt.

And this one? A sentimental purchase, this is a painting on silk of two NZ icons, the tui (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae) and the kowhai (Sophora tetraptera). I was with a long-time (can’t really say “old” when we still feel young!) friend in a little gallery on a recent trip home and I just had to have this. The tui’s plumage really is beetle-green in some light and the song plays in the memory of all ex-patriates,I’m sure.

A lino print by another friend and talented artist, Alison Fenech. This was cut two years ago for submission for a portfolio of prints illustrating lyrics by a local song writer. I think I’ll have it reframed with a bold red mat…
And this is another sentimental piece. Our crazy Siamese cat, no longer with us. Yes, one of my watercolour efforts.
Another watercolour some of you will recognise. Sarah Wimperis’ stunning self portrait, painted last year as part of the painting-a-day series. If you have not visited her blog I suggest you pop over there (she’s in Brittany,France) and take the tour.

This is a collage, made by my friend and lino teacher, Heather Walker. The local group of printmakers have a “Secret Santa Claus” gift exchange at our Christmas party and I drew this from Santa’s sack. (I do have more of her work, but that will be for another day…)

And that, folks, concludes today’s visit. Thank you for taking the tour. Please feel free to leave a donation in the jam jar at the door…

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

12 thoughts on “A GUIDED TOUR OF (part of) MY GALLERY

  1. Oh good! Yor comments are working!
    Did it happen all its own? We hadda pretend dat we wuz starting ober wiff a new template.

    I hope I kin blog before dey leaves on Friday. Utterwise, see you in June!



  2. Dinahmow:

    What a lovely tour and exhibit and insight into your soul! Thanks so much for this, for opening your heart.

    And letting us have a peak inside.


  3. ww…Thankyou.
    It was very tricky, getting the light right so the dust didn’t show!


  4. omg, i like your art!
    and i say that meaning that very seldom do i find my taste agreeing with anyone elses, not that i’m all shocked or anything. yes, well.
    LOVE durer!
    LOVE the tattoo lino!

    this is a cool post idea. i may have to purloin it…once i get my camera talking to my mainframe again!


  5. What a great idea. I had forgotten about that from Andrea’s blog – but maybe I can think about that now. It’s really fun to see what you have and love on your walls!


  6. Oooo … love the Alison Fenech. There’s something I love about b&w artwork. Thanks you for sharing!!


  7. FN…Yes, it is a good feeling when tastes agree.

    TLC… I think you should!

    Bibi…I have some more b&w so call again.


  8. chink chink coins into pot!

    Lovely, lovely artwork, thanks for the tour and commentary, really great!


  9. what a very fun way for me to start my morning! this was a wonderful “tour”!

    i kept going back to your painting of the cat. i really liked it.

    dinahmow, you seem to know about alot of different mediums. do you take many classes?





    what a treat – thank you

    *waves excitedly!*


  11. KJ… thankyou. Over the years I have taken a few classes, but mostly I just muddle along.

    ILTV…thankyou, too.How’s that book?


  12. (which one?! the two just back from a show or the one underway – the one I need to do the lino-cut for, only I haven’t even bought the lino yet as things are a bit hectic in other quarters. . .)

    (LOVE your image printing BTW! it’s shame we can’t collaborate on the image work!)

    (there is another book for an international competition that is being printed specially, poems about water with the most amazing wood cut illustrations – will try and scan the leaflet about it sometime just to show you how beautiful it is!)


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