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… which is to say, I am posting prior to packing.

Why am I packing? What am I packing? Tell you what…we’ll play a little game!

I will give you some clues and you guess my destination. (And those of you who already know, play fair!)

Packing, for some people, is an absolute nightmare. I have friends who go through their entire wardrobes, dithering and doubting, changing their minds and, therefore, their choices, several times before they finally slam shut the case. (And when they get to where they’re going, they worry that they have brought the wrong things!)

And then there are the people who take too much… the ones who clutter the check-in lanes and departure lounges with mountains of cumbersome luggage. Surf boards, golf clubs, skis, stuffed, giant pandas (?), bloody great sombreros, which, as everyone knows, cannot be purchased on arrival in Marbella or Mazatlan, non-collapsible buggies and those buggies which DO collapse, usually half way up an escalator.

I like to travel light. So did Cliff Richard. I passed him once at Heathrow and he had a small rucksack-y bag slung on one shoulder. I guess he just couldn’t wait to be with his baby that night.

Not for me the 10 piece matching Louis Vuitton Travel Suite. Nope! I’m a clean undies-and-toothbrush traveller.

Here’s what I’ll be packing, along with the undies and toothbrush…


Lightweight cotton trousers. The sort that do not need knife-edge creases. (x 3)

Lightweight T shirts. (x3)

Loose cotton shirts. (x3)

A squashable sun hat.

UV screen.

….. any guesses so far?

Comfortable walking shoes and a pair of those ugly, but non-skid boat/reef shoes.

A hoodie jacket for cool times.

A swimsuit. (not a bikini.)

A sarong for poolside.

Small tube of antiseptic cream (why spend holiday money on something like that.)

The camera, with new batteries and plenty of memory.

Plastic. (Not Cemtex, idiot!)

Passport. (But no visa)


……… still wondering? Take a break and look at some pretty pictures…


As you all thought the art Chez Nous was worth seeing, here are a few more of our favourites.

Another from the talented Andrea Pratt

An early photograph (daguerrotype?) of a C19th Maori chief, “King” Taawhai.

A print of a squirrel glider, artist unknown. These cute little fellows have the most velvety fur. But the pointy bits are very sharp!

A linoprint I made for an exhibition last year. Several people liked it.But not enough to buy it!

Print of Terry Cooper’s “Great Palm Cockatoo.” Restricted to the remote areas of far northern Qld. *

“Lotus Lady” linoprint by Heather Walker.

“Guinea Fowl” linoprint by Heather Walker.

“Snack Attack” linoprint by me.

And I apologise for the wonky non-cropped photos. Still feeling my way in the edit programme!

So…you know that I will be travelling abroad. To a warm climate. And if I tell you I can’t afford to go as far away as The Bahamas, that should narrow it…oh! one more clue…I’m checking daily with the seismology department.
Guesses can be left in the comments box. Arrivaderci! Au revoir! Hasta la vista! Tatty-bye!
* For more on this bird,if you’re interested, go to: and click the filming cockatoos entry.

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

13 thoughts on “PRE-PACKED POST…

  1. Kay, so I haven’t caught up on the news properly in a while, huh…

    Have a fab time, and bring back lots and lots of photos to show us.

    Thanks for sharing more from your gallery. Take care…


  2. Snack Attack! I’ve seen that somewhere before! Oh yeah! My kitchen! đŸ™‚

    Did Cliff Richard look all tight and facelift-y (don’t all those early pop idols do that?) or was it in a previous era?


  3. denise…yes, lots of pics to post

    andrea…thought you’d recognise it! It was years ago that I saw CR Before he was Sir Cliff. And he just looked like every other poor sod who’s just got off a ‘plane -knackered!
    (And good girl for playing fair!)


  4. I am clueless…


  5. connie…welcome aboard.This is supposed to be a mystery tour so “clueless” is fine! Come back later to learn more…


  6. Wow! You must have way more walls than we do! Or do you rotate your Art Collection….

    (Your next travel plans sound very warm, wet and fun at least!)
    (and I haven’t forgotten my tag… Am having a harder time than one would think coming up with a list…)


  7. Cleethorpes?
    Ulan Bator?


  8. tara…we do have lotsa walls and I also like to change things from time to time. (Still have some that haven’t seen light of days for ages!)

    vicus…welcome back! Not Cleethorpes cos I think visas are now required there,yes? And not Helsinki because that’s more expensive than Bahamas. That leaves the land of the Mongol Hordes. Hmm…let’s keep the other folk guessing.


  9. Tasmania
    Brunei (actually anywhere in Borneo)
    Kuala Lumpur
    somewhere in Thailand
    Christmas Island
    Wiltshire (you’ll need your brolley)


  10. Bali?

    I love all our blogs about printmaking – I’d love to have access to the equipment to get involved, but your lino cuts are inspiring too.


  11. you’re not going to russia.

    what do i win?



    bring back some tanlines for me, ey?


  12. ziggi and robyn…so far, you’re the closest.

    cat…yes, I am not going to Russia! Not too sure about the tan lines…I’ll try!


  13. Do you suppose that Mike Tyson will keep adding to his Maori tatoo thingamabob on his face until he looks like your “King” Taawhai?

    There is so much security now how can people still bring tons of crap with them? Did you say hi to Cliff Richard?


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