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The intrepid Explorer of the South Seas has returned, unravaged by randy tourists and un-nibbled by cannibals…

…and just as soon as I have sorted some photos and won the current argument with Blogger (grrr!) I shall have more to tell you. Stay tuned…


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

13 thoughts on “VANUATU VICTORIOUS

  1. Hi Dinah. Welcome home frum yor trip! Josh tole me you wuz back. Glad you likes Mum’s “paintings.” She uses a Corel program called Painter X an shes ben taking online classes for it. She paints me an Chelsea from photos mostly. Dere’s a class just for painting amimals an she hopes she can take it dis fall.
    Hi Josh an Rusty.
    Triller an Chelsea


  2. Darn, un-ravaged huh?

    Welcome home!


  3. triller…glad all is normal again.and we look forward to some more arty cats.

    bibi…yeah,must have gone wrong somewhere!


  4. un-nibbled and un-ravanged eh? Bad luck!


  5. Welcome back I take it that Vanuatu has not sunk below the surface just yet.

    Please do not post any shots of bandy legged uberpotbellied randy drunken touristas in neon orange speedo suits until afternoon SVP… unless they are hilarious.


  6. ziggi…as I said to Bibi…I went wrong…

    HE…no,Vanuatu’s fine, but if this rain keeps up my home town may go under!And I took good care to steer clear of luminous speedos!


  7. welcome back!
    i still maintain that noplace which actually exists is named’Vanuatu’ so that you must have been vacationing in a C.S Lewis novel all this time.


  8. FN Well, I guess you’ll just have to update your atlas.Maybe you have a pre-independance one which calls the place “New Hebrides.” Then again…there is the surrealistic feeling of being in a novel.


  9. welcomed back. maybe not unravaged, but maybe something else…



  10. I didn’t allow the mad axe blogger to chop me up simply so I could come and see the marvels you promised with your new pc – so where are they eh?


  11. Yeah where are they?


  12. HE and Ziggi…”they” are still being formulated in my brain, ready to be produced when the computer is working.A week ago, something(probable power surge) fried my main board, modem card and power supply.The new bits arrived by courier yesterday which was a holiday here…tomorrow?


  13. Hi Josh. I’m posting here so I knows you’ll see it. Or at least yor Mum will. I hopes da vet can make you better. But I hopes you dont hafta take yukky PILLS!
    Sending purrs yor way,
    Triller an Chelsea (an Mum)


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