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Tales of the South Pacific. (not by James Michener.)


As I see it, one of the world’s problems is a loss of social intercourse.

Come on, be honest, all you folk with automatic washing machines in your houses…don’t you ever wish you had someone to chat with while you’re sorting the socks and going through pockets for any stray “folding” or credit cards or stuff that might shred confetti-like over the whole damn’ load?

These ladies were laundering their linen, talking, laughing and generally having fun while they “worked.” Mind you,the little kid with the boogie board had the aunties in spades when it came to fun. And they were more than happy to have an impromptu photo shoot.

I was fascinated by the intricate sand drawings (in Pidgin: sandroing) which tell cultural stories. Like many communities, these people had no written language before the arrival of Westerners, but they have a long and rich oral and artistic tradition.

This turtle looks “simple.” I challenge you to try to copy it. Oh, by the way, Eddie did this in less than 5 seconds! Of course, if fractals and Celtic knots are your “thing” you’ll be a shoo-in!

Street art? I love it! And the more community-based, the better. We need more of it. Like this:

Great gloopy splodges of cement slapped on the walls then formed and painted. These are on the front wall of the Chief Post Office, Port Vila.

And, oh joy! I went horse-riding! Years (actually 25 years!) since I rode so this was my treat to myself, my companions being less than enthusiastic about VERY BIG ANIMALS.

The ride began with a leisurely walk along the black sand of Mele Beach, then the horses waded into the sea, stirrup-deep and salty water splashed up. (If I’d had the time I could have ,definitely WOULD have taken a longer ride with time for bare back horse-swimming…)

This is Spot, my noble steed. A trustworthy and reliable fellow;a plodder, one might say.I did coax a trot once or twice, but Spot is, these days, reserved for first-timers and elderly ladies so prefers to amble.
Before anyone asks…I have no idea what petals those pink things are.Remember, I was wearing my riding hat, not my horticultural hat.
Yes, I do have some more photos.But, having been computer-less for more than a week, other work is a little backed-up.
Lukin yu, as the say in ‘Vila.

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

14 thoughts on “Tales of the South Pacific. (not by James Michener.)

  1. Wow, how fabulous! I love to horse ride but rarely get to these days. And you are so right on the social intercourse of yesterday’s rituals … we’ve become so isolated even from next door neighbors.

    Loved the photos. Feel like I’ve had a mini-holiday. 😉


  2. I’m glad you had a “second-hand holiday,” Bibi.Stick around for more!


  3. The pictures are fine, Di, but it’s your way with words that makes it all worthwhile. More please.


  4. I had fun following what you were up to and seeing the photos 🙂

    Sometimes my Scottish neighbour and I chat over the fence when she is putting out her washing and I happen to be chasing my dog. We like to do it because it reminds us of home and it is impromptu.

    It was more so in the burbs than in this village, but yes social intercourse in the burbs often had to be contrived, arranged, penciled in on the calendar.


  5. Patty here…
    Love that art! Wouldn’t the turtle make a great quilting design??
    Triller and Chelsea send more purrs to Josh and commiserate with him on the pill taking…


  6. Doin’ the ‘warsh’ in a crocodile infested stream no thank you…I don’t suppose that many salties swim that far eh? How about Bull Sharks they can travel into fresh water? No eh.
    Damn that would have been a great argument for something.

    I love that elegant turtle and the fancy schmancy cement fish. That is how we need to dress up our own concrete jungles..
    we need some colour!

    That would be uber-cool to ride a horse into the Sea ..I suppose that you should be wearing flowing white robes to contrast the black sand and get that filmatic cliche used in all of those fragrance commercials and romantic interludes in the movies just right.

    Once you emerge from the Sea that free and flouncy look will be replaced with the reality of the clingy ‘dark spots’ so don’t forget to wear 2 pair of white underwear…CUT..better yet wear a tie-dyed moo moo and forget about the underwear.

    You are a gracious hostess and guide and I am looking forward to more.


  7. Jaf…I thought about your graffiti posts when I saw the street art.

    Patty…nice to see you back! Yes, the turtle would quilt-up well.Feel free to copy this- it’s not a private totemic emblem.And thanks to T and C for their wishes.

    HE…I’ve seen more sharks and crocs Down Under.Our tour guide assured us that their are “only 2 snakes and they are friendly snakes.And the spiders are friendly,too!”
    As for what to wear when riding: standard riding school rules,ie, long pants(jeans)shoes/boots with a heel (so your foot doesn’t catch in the stirrup)and a hard hat.You’ll just have to keep watching those corny movies!


  8. Looks like a wonderful time all around. Loved the street art. And the idea of having ‘social intercourse’ whilst doing household chores…..


  9. These computers and cell phones are making the art of conversation a thing of the past. Life is too fast and too short. I love how you tell your stories and relate your experiences.

    But I love my washing machine and dryer.


  10. I sit corrected.


  11. I love these pictures. I need more!

    the turtle is a total attention trap. i found where the beginning was! it reminds me of Victorian calligraphy art…teachers of fine penmanship used to do pictures using a very similar technique, only in pen and ink, of course, to publicize their skills.


  12. hmmm? I did comment on this post but it’s gone – either that or mind has!

    Good Washing
    Good Turtle
    Good Hoss
    Good time had

    You lucky duck!


  13. Ziggi…I dn’t think it’s your mind that’s gone – Blogger seems to be playing silly buggers again.


  14. Unbelievable, Dinah, looks like you had a fantastic trip.

    I’m so with you on the socialization we’ve lost which the women you photographed obviously haven’t.

    And the post office street art pix were great too, I also love that kind of art.

    I drew a stickman turtle. It took me five hours.

    A horse named “Spot?”



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