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…so, for your delectation and as a reward for your patience while I was off-line, a further selection of some of me ‘oliday snaps.

Sometimes, the departing soldiers take their toys home. Sometimes not. I have no idea how long the manufacturers expect a tank to last, but this has been a-mouldering in the mangroves for more than 60 years!

It was Kava Night at the hotel and these two fellows are part of a traditional dance troupe who entertained us. The nut shell anklets and the swishy headgear didn’t seem too uncomfortable, but the palm leaf penis sheaths…ouch!

One afternoon, we met this group of kids, dawdling along the shore, en route from The French School. One lad asked if we spoke French and I said: “Oui, mais je ne parlais pas le francais depuis…oh, quarante ans.” Eyes like organ stops! He’d probably never met anyone that old! And in a delightful mixture of French, Bislama and broken English, they told us about the big seeds they’d collected to play with. A knock-down game, perhaps like conkers without the string?

Of course, a holiday is not a holiday without a leisurely lunch at a fine restaurant… and, while we waited for our meal, this was the view. God! Life is tough!

Remember those laundry ladies (previous post) ? Well, after the washing comes the drying. Love those soccer boots!

And that, for a few days anyway, should be a sufficient “fix” for you. I have a couple of art shows looming and very little work ready! So, to the blades, to the blades…

Oh, if anyone wondered why I’d not been blogging, it seems my browser was the problem.


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

9 thoughts on “YOU ASKED FOR MORE…

  1. beautiful. it really does look like a fantasy landscape..oh the view from the eatery!
    *disguises self as luggage, ships self to dinahmows place, waits*

    *luis vuitton, of course*


  2. it does look wonderful!

    those dresses though, I quite like the purple one.

    I’d like to be on a yacht in that harbour so I’ll be waiting with FN!

    I hope you’ll be posting pics of your art show – looking forward to them.


  3. FN and Ziggi …I suppose we could organise a “blog jamboree” some time?


  4. Ph yes please – Oz and NZ are both on my list of places I must visit! The closest I’ve come is Brunei when my Dad was posted there – I have a need to see!


  5. hmmmmmm!? that was an “Oh” not a “Ph” whatever that may be! Too much Adelaide Plains Murray Darling Riverland Shiraz! (it’s the men’s Wimbledon final and Roger is not beating that ugly git Nadal as convincingly as I would like so I’m hiding here not looking!)


  6. Ziggi…start saving your pennies; you might need long johns AND bikinis!
    (I confess I burrowed under an eiderdown, with an electric blanket, so Roger had to win without my cheers!)


  7. Wowee! What fun to read through your blog today and see these amazing pictures. What a great trip that must have been. The turtle drawing is beautiful. Do they serve Kava at the Kava event? I think it’s supposed to be a sedative, tranquilizer or some sort of pleasant drug.


  8. Jana…yes, they do offer kava. The Master of Kava Ceremony told us it’s a watered-down version, for unsuspecting tourists! Maybe my next post…?


  9. Rusting upside down tanks and palm leaf penis sheaths…wonder if I should holiday in the Arctic Circle instead…

    It does all look incredible, and I’d like to try that Kava.

    I love the colourful hanging clothes. Sounds like you had a great time. 🙂


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