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Thankyou,all of you lovely people, for your kind words and cyber hugs. We appreciate the thoughts.


And now…I think I have some catchin’ up to do!

I have this theory…that someone has been messing with my clock and slipping it a steroid Mickey Finn. Well, I can find no other reason for time to be racing so fast and so far ahead!

I know I should not grumble, given that I have friends in England who are finding that even their waders are not long enough and friends in Greece who are perilously close to the fires and I know folk down in Gippsland who were cut off for days in their latest inundation, but,but,but

I suggest a sing-along. You all know the tune.

“oh, take me away, to my hut on the bay….

...where the comforting sun shines all day.
And chilblains and chills
And harsh winter’s ills
Are all banished and far, far away…”

Ooh! I think my hut’s roof needs some work…I wonder if that nice Mr.Scurra knows of a reliable thatcher…?


I mentioned that I would be away, didn’t I? I went down to Brisbane to attend a very important ceremony…

… the conferring of a post-graduate certificate on a Very Important Person.

It would have been fun to spend more time there and visit some friends we’ve not seen for a while.But we both have a pretty full “dance card” back here, so the trip was a bit of a whirlwind.

Hopefully (said she, knowing the futility of hoping!), I will manage more regular, if brief, posts.

Stay tuned, people, the fat lady has not yet sung…


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

12 thoughts on “BACK IN HARNESS

  1. What did da bear git da post-grajawit certifakit in?? An how comes you hadda go? Is he a relitif?



  2. I have webbed feet, hydrocephalus and mud.

    Where is it warm and dry at the mo? We should all meet there!


  3. Triller…it’s The Husband’s training/development cert.And I went ‘cos I’m the the one who encouraged him for years.(and did the proof reading!)

    Ziggi… been thinking of you, being so close to the Severn.”And the bride wore a very fetching neoprene ensemble and carried a bouquet of plastic roses…” Yes, let’s all have a picnic in the Whitsundays.Mercury’s rising -yay!


  4. Speaking of weather extremes, I experienced everything from -2C to 46C in the same town in Greece. Eek! Yay to Peter and thanks for the link to that wonderful blog post!


  5. it is LOVERLY here. come on over. the tomatoes aren’t ripe yet but we can drink beer and squirt the hose at kids going by on the sidewalk!


  6. andrea…in Melbourne you can experience that sort of thing on the same day!
    FN. You have enough water to squirt kids? Meet my ‘plane!


  7. The weather has been nuts lately! Gratefully, we are back to a ‘normal’ Pacific Northwest summer – which is sunny, bright blue and very temperate. My favorite weather. Unfortunately, I am heading out to Utah for a week, and they’ve been having a mega-heatwave (107 degree weather some days… ugh!)


  8. Sounds like happy things unfolding — alas, it’s still wet ‘n hot here, days of crashing storms alternating with humidity one needs a spoon to parse.

    Here’s hoping we all get good thatching…


  9. tlc…You’ll welcome Seattle’s weather after Utah!

    lori…hot and humid plays cold and foggy,which is what I have today!


  10. That’s what it is!! A steroid mickey finn … love it.

    Love the teddy too 😉


  11. When I heard about the quake in Vanuatu I immediately thought of you.
    Now I hate to be a party pooper but when you say that it is cold here you realise that your Canuckistani friends, with the exclusion of Andrea out in Lotusland, can tell you what C-C-C COLD is.

    I realise that it is all relative and I concur that cold sucks..except that it kills microbes YEAH!

    Alas, everything in moderation. Today we are back into the 70s (20s) and out of the 90s like last week UGH! We have a teribly humid climate and it has been unbearable outside of our airconditioned homes and vehicles unless we are sitting in the Lake.

    Congrats on your proof reading prowess and cheers.


  12. bibi…yes, but it’s only the clock-not me!

    H.E. trust me, cold is cold! By the way, if you have a spare $300AUD send it down and I’ll buy you a Wolfhound!
    Yep! Someone here has a couple of pups for sale.Seems dirt cheap, to me!


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