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Working, the other day, with 10 year olds on an exercise in narrative writing, I was torn between letting their creative side “flow” and correcting some appalling spelling.

In most cases, the idea was conveyed, but boy-oh-boy! there were some colourful deviations from the norm! Come to think of it, deviation now seems to be the norm.

Besides some of the common confusions, I noted several abbreviations of the kind used in text messages. Hmmm… are these children growing up with cell phones rather than dictionaries?

And it’s not just the 10 year olds who seem to rush through a truncated alphabet, not caring if the character they need is not the one they find.

We all know the greengrocers who sell apostrophied vegetables and yesterday I did a double take at a local gift shop’s hand-written card:

Elvis Presley NEON COCK. Reduced!

I assumed the item referred to was a timepiece…

And the fetish doll….? Still on the workbench while I wait for my machine to be repaired.

In the meantime…here is a picture of a doll I made a few years ago. He now lives on a friend’s bookshelf and is a little faded these days, but still a source of amusement.

He used to have a clay pipe, but I think the anti-smoking lobby got to him!

His eyes are antique glass and his hair was “donated” by one of my (then) Angora goats

And for some VERY clever engineering try this:

I first saw it at Endicott Redux and have seen it on other sites since then. It makes the turning of skinny goblin fingers a walk in the park!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. he’s beautiful – I’d like some more in depth knowledge please on how he’s made, materials etc (other than eyes and hair!. The texting generation thnk tht u shd b abl 2 unnestnd wot ther sAin i 4 1 hav reel trbl but persist so i cn talk 2 my kids!


  2. your doll is wonderful, I love the hands and feet 🙂 and the way you did the face. I can’t wait to see what your newest doll looks like.

    My husband and LOVED the video to kinetic sculpture, it was amazing.


  3. Gourgeous doll- also look forward to see the new one. Hope you get your machine back soon 🙂

    Love the video – and my husband will too, I think.


  4. What an amazing doll! I loved your little rant about spelling and writing and signs. The elvis one is amazing. I did a painting a while back called “Old Teeth” — a local shop that makes gold teeth for wanna be rappers/hiphop guys had a sign out in front where the G fell off so instead of advertising Gold Teeth it was advertising Old Teeth. The reference picture I snapped had an old man walking by the sign. I love noticing crazy stuff like that but I think Elvis’s neon cock takes the cake!


  5. You truly are very artistic, Dinahmow, and you’re bang-on about the disappearance of grammar, replaced by text messaging.

    It’s horrid…

    But your whimsical writing surely isn’t! That doll’s spectacular and the Elvis cock’s a hoot!


  6. Ziggi…I’ll have to think about this

    Jafabrit…the real world intrudes, but I hope to get back to the needle sculpture in a couple of weeks

    denise…yes, thought you’d like that kinetic doo-dad

    jana…thankyou.I remember laughing at your “old teeth” when you blogged about it.

    ww…you are,today,among the few journalists who can still write.Maybe we should clone you? (By the way, why does spell-check want to know whether I want British English???)


  7. that doll is cool!

    Myspace and IM are killing the language, not to mention Gamer and Leet.

    rly PiZzEz m& of!1! k thx bye


  8. Fun post! Love the doll, and couldn’t agree more about the lack of spelling ability in addition to all the truncated verbage. I once asked the monitor of some online list I belonged to if the ‘rules’ for posting could state that you had to actually *spell out* words rather than B kewl w/ thR lTrs… She flamed me and never spoke to me again…??? Go figure…


  9. That’s so true with the trunkated spelling. Forget about Spanglish, I think it is now Textlish that will the new talk of town… I wonder how texting is affecting other languages around the globe??

    Love your doll, and am facsinated by his little toes and fingers. I have a lot of appreciation for your sewing skills!


  10. After I read The Story Of English I became painfully aware that our language is not a static entity and a couple of new books, Inventing English and When You Catch An Adjective Kill It are on my to do list.

    The great Vowel Shift led us to Modern Anglische and it will probably never stop evolving…which is exactly why English WON the global language war. English is a shameless hussy who kidnaps any sound within her grasp.

    The text MESSaging drives me C R A Z Y but there is precious little that we can do…the miniscule concentration level of modern humans is going to keep shrinking until we are all completely telepathic!


  11. I can cope with some of the common “ceative” spelling, but admit I get very lost in the txt wrds. In fact, I’m not sure how to reply to some of you!!
    And for those who mentioned the elfin digits…I think I used a drinking straw and a knitting needle to turn those little buggers.


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