Ok, how many of you reached for Webster? Or the OED? Or perhaps you said:”That looks like modern slang” and went straight to Google? In which case you probably went to this site:

which told you that to chumble means to mumble. Hmm…a possibility, but not the meaning I intended.

Any readers North of the Watford Gap (that’s anywhere oop north of Lunn’n , in England) will understand if I say I am chuffed.

To be chuffed means to be delighted; often surprised, as in receiving an unexpected gift. To be “chuffed to little mint balls” is to be over-the-moon with delight.

As was I when I found that Denise had given me this award. I must admit, I did the “happy dance” and felt all warm and fuzzy, people.

And then I really thought about it.

I have been and have done many things in my time. I may have been called something akin to a “rocker.”

Yes, I did wear a poodle skirt!
But that was a l o n g time ago. Simply to be called a “girl” at these (only slightly!) advanced years is something of a fillip to the ego.

To be a “rockin’ girl” on a hot pink ground, on a website for all to see gives one pause for thought and reflection. And, while in no way diminishing the “chuffedness,” makes one a little humble.

Or, as I’ve suggested, chumbled.

So, thankyou, Denise. And thankyou, too, all the people who read this blog and generate interesting comment threads. You all,indeed, rock.With or without poodle skirts!

Because without a readership a blog would be in a vacuum, wouldn’t it? And you all know how I feel about vacuums,right?


I believe I must now “pay it forward” and pass this award to bloggers whose writing and or photos have shaken me out of complacency. Rocked me, in fact. Could take a while… 

Lorihas a natural eye for a photo and a sharp wit and a fund of poetic quotes. I found her by way ofLauraThis lady manages to cram so much, besides art, into her life!Through my long-time blogwit,Ziggi, I “met” a “spooky little girl”who really does rock – she’s a singer.And does so much besides.

And you never quite know what will turn up on this blog Sometimes, lyrical narrative,sometimes eye-watering mirth, always worth the stop.

Clever digital art and quirky verse over at The Odd Neighbor makes me wish I knew how to “drive” this thing!

You know, of course, that I read many other blogs, but since I have mentioned most of them before I am trying to cover new ground. Certainly, in rockin’ me, these girls have taken me over some new ground.

For that, I thank them, chumbly!

And now…I have some serious work to finish.



20 thoughts on “I AM "CHUMBLED"

  1. You totally Rock.
    I admit that I was a little chonfused when I read the title but now it is as clear as mud.

    Please dig out some pics of the Poodle Skirt from your Happy Days.
    I’d love to see that…and don’t try to reduce the height of your glamorous bouffant!

    Keep on Rockin!


  2. HE…thankyou.As to pics of moi in a poodle skirt…I don’t think I ever had any. And it was pre-bouffant days; in my case, a pony tail.Think Big Bopper and “Chantilly Lace.”Oh lawks! It was before you were born!


  3. these days, i tend to roll more than i rock.

    thank you for your kindness in thinking of me.

    i loved poodle skirts…cuz they were so perfectly round. the waste was a circle cut out of a perfect circle. but they were so hard to hem.

    i think women’s fashions were so beautiful then. i wish we could go back to the styles worn by lauren bacall, audrey hepburn, and jackie kennedy…so utterly feminine.


  4. this is very tricky Dinah because I don’t know whether you have highlighted me to receive the Poodle skirt or whether I’m highlighted because you went to ILTV via me! I would hate to be presumptuous and would hate it even more if you now felt obliged to say of course it’s you. A mention enough by you is enough praise indeed for me, and I thank you!xx


  5. Lori…you’re very welcome

    Cat…yes,some things had a certain elegance one doesn’t find in current “style.” Those lampshade hats that Audrey Hepburn could wear!

    Ziggi…oops! me an’ my wonky links! Tell you what, go ahead and be a rockin’ girl (which I know you are!)And while you’re at it, please tell me what a ra-ra is.My wicked mind is in boggle overdrive!


  6. See! I knew you’d feel obliged! I’m fine really, I just didn’t want to take the risk of not saying thank you just in case and causing offense!


  7. Ziggi…don’t be daft!But please enlighten me on the ra-ra. It sounds like one of those twee euphemisms some mothers use for toilets.


  8. will i still rock when i write that expose’ on your secret double life as a male exotic dancer, dinah? huh?


    you do rock, you know. poodle skirt and all!


  9. FN…my secret double life? Was that you, ogling through the dressing room window (the one 10′ high) at the Hampstead School of Speech and Drama?
    If I’d known I’d never have called the law!
    ABout the award thingy…if you choose to nominate others that’s fine. But if you prefer not to that’s fine by me, too.

    Kate… welcome back! That poodle skirt is popular;maybe I should make a new one?


  10. Gosh I am really way behind on reading my favorite blogs! Congrats on the award and thanks for the vocabulary lesson. I would have guessed “chuffed” to mean irritated. As in rubbed the wrong way. Chafed and in a huff about it. And “chumble”? That would be taking a tumble with a friend..like Jack and Jill, 😉

    Triller speaking now..,dat wuz Mum befor. You know what me an Chelsea finks! When DadCat takes out da bacuum, we HIDES!!!


  11. I google stuff all the time – what did we do before? Just wonder about the origin of something??

    Congrats on your award – you ROCK!


  12. Thank you so much! I’ve been away, so couldn’t properly respond to you lovely compliment! I’m trying to catch up on email and phone calls, etc, but wanted to stop here early in the process. I saw your very sore-looking toe and can empathize so well–I crammed my toe into a marble door surround, right before a trip to France a while ago. It hurt for months! Oops, I shouldn’t have told you that. Forget all of the foregoing, then, except my thanks.


  13. but where are the biscuits. . .



    thank you, I’m much obliged!

    *blushing and jiggling nervously from leg to leg and wondering what to do next. . .*


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