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Still busy, folks, so I thought I’d take the easy way out and post some colourful pictures…

These are the ripe fruits on a Macarthur palm.The birds and bats have a wonderful time, but they don’t ‘alf make a mess! Squished berries all over the place! * The possums don’t seem interested; must be about the only thing they don’t eat!

This giant daisy/sunflower thingamabob is probably on the Weed Police’s hit list as it seeds and layers all over the ruddy place. How did I come by my splendid specimen? Picked a bunch of the flowers from the roadside, didn’t I and stuck bits in here and there to fill gaps and hide the junk over the fence. I’ll be paying, big time, for years to come! But they are colourful, especially at a time when there is not much else on show.
And the white-ish “flowers” below it are really bracts on a Euphorbia. You wanted me to tell you that!

And this is one of my favourites. When people ask what I like about Australia I answer (straight-faced, of course!) “the wattles.” Mimosa to some of you.
This one goes by the tongue-twister of Acacia podalyriifolia, which is used by the Leith** police as in indication of sobriety (or otherwise).
There’s another acacia (A. fimbriata) on the opposite side of our driveway and when they are in flower a stroll down the drive is a bit like being showered with yellow confetti.
The pinkish thing poking out on the right is another Australian mainstay, a Grevillea, full of nectar so birds and bees are all over it. No idea which cultivar, so please don’t ask!

And here is some more local colour…can you guess what this one is?
Oh, alright, I’ll tell you. It’s Dinah’s toe. Dinah’s broken toe. How did Dinah come by such an injury?
Well, Dinah, considerate person that she is, got up during the night and , out of consideration for the sleeper, did not turn on a light. Not a smart move, as it turned out, because Dinah walked WHACK! into the solid timber bed post, which woke the sleeper anyway. And if the thump had not woken him the ensuing colourful language would have. (See, I said this post was about colour!)
At first, it felt as though several bones had been snapped, but by morning only the middle toe was causing me some “ouch!”

The next few days are boring so I’ll jump forward to yesterday…

…when, with the toe by now pretty much mended, I managed to get my feet into trainers and went down to a local gallery to help hang an exhibition.

another boring bit…blah, blah…

You must all be familiar with those hideous plastic stack-a-chairs? Well, some clown had stacked far too many of them in one stack. The stack toppled. The stack landed. On Dinah’s foot.That foot.

The bed-broken toe survived, but the big toe which has suffered hockey injuries, cow-stomping and lord knows what else bore the brunt.

Still, the exhibition is hung and it is quite colourful…

* I wonder who’ll be the first to paraphrase “Macarthur’s Park”…HE gets the smart money!

**If you can say “the Leith police releaseth us” you are deemed sober!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

20 thoughts on “SOME LOCAL COLOUR

  1. ouch Dinah – those toes look like they’ve been squished into winkle pickers in their time!

    MacArthur Palm is melting in the dark, all the sweet, orange/yellow berries flowing down?

    Or perhaps

    Dinah’s toes is breaking in the dark???


  2. OWWW! I suggest you stay out of trouble and keep that set of toes well hidden for the next few weeks!


  3. Ouch!! I feel your pain!
    I broke my toe once by dropping a 22 lb frozen turkey on it. Actually, I didn’t drop it..the bag it was in broke.


  4. someone left the cake out in the rain?

    I’m so confused.

    and I’ll never have that recipe agaaaaaaaaaaaaain
    oh noooooooooooooooooooooooo

    (OUCH toe!)

    now, pix of the gallery if you please!


  5. Ha ha…ziggi got in first.Yes, I did have winkle pickers.Even danced in them!

    andrea..nice to see you back.I am crushed that you think my toes are ugly.

    Patty…I hope your cooking was appreciated after that!

    FN…yes,I’ll take the camera today


  6. Oh, ouch on the toe! I hope you recuperate fast – amazing how we need the little ones, huh?

    I like eye candy too…


  7. Oh ouch – toes hurt like nothing else. Hope they mend up with out further mishap… πŸ™‚


  8. did I win?
    HA! I spit on your smart money – where is HE anyway???

    (professional plastered, that’s me)


  9. I missed off the ‘ly’ that’s where being plastered at 08.30 gets you!


  10. cynthia and denise…thanks for the sympathy.All better now.

    ziggi…serves you right! As to HE, who knows? Maybe we should all go and hammer on his door?


  11. All better now? I hope so! Broken toes are no fun.


  12. HE’s back!



  13. I am so sorry about your poor toe and that I didn’t get to alter the lyrics before everybody hogged in oink oink!!

    I love all those colours. Why don’t the possums eat those berries? I love the name Euphorbia.
    It sounds like such a happy little plant…can you smoke it?
    Dude got any euphorbia?


  14. I was just wondering, what exactly did you say OUT LOUD when you rammed your toe into the bed?
    You should start a poll on the sidebar. My guess is that your utterance started with an O and ended with a K.


  15. HE…thanks for the commiserations. Look again at that Euphorbia…there’s a “b” in the word! But I like your take on it.Too bad it’s full of nasty poisonous (very astringent) sap.
    And I think I said something along the lines of “bloody hell! I’ve broken my foot!**#!!that hurts”


  16. that toe looks just about ready to pick. mmmm yum!


  17. Is your toe getting any better?
    I still can’t get over that picture of it..OWIE!

    I saw the B in euphorbia. It sounds like the clinical name for the love of suburban living.


  18. *waves*



  19. (BTW, that lovely feeling coming at you from the toes up, is the beginning of the massage. . .

    . . .I chose some lovely smelling oils, there is gentle music in the background and a slight warm breeze coming in the window thru a billowy fine linen curtain, you’re lying on a really comfy couch thing. . .

    . . .all the bits not being massaged are covered in soft white towels – to spare your blushes from the other bloggers in the comments – hope you’re enjoying the sensation!)


  20. ILTV…I’m just drifting off to sleep…mmm…


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