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An update, Sunday, 2nd,because I LOVE zany stuff. I’ve just come from Chatoyance
who has a link
to the site of some guy who’s initiated rock-flipping-day. I am in! Course, I’m also on the fast side of the world so I’d better get flipping…

Some indifferent shots of some of my artwork; these two are lino prints, although I also have two collographs in the current show.

The theme was “Palm and Vine Forest.”

And this is (yet another!) lino print from our light-hearted look at pets, in a local cafe. No, I do not have chooks* now, but I used to keep several breeds and uncounted hybrids.

A few posts back I think I said I would try for some pictures of the Sunbirds…well, I managed to catch Momma Sunbird just before she flew out of the nest,presumably on a quick snacking flight. I’m not sure when she started sitting, so I’m watching frequently and, if my timing is not out of whack, I hope to get shots of the fledglings.
Meanwhile, here is a link for better pics.

And my blogging friend,Denise, from across the Tasman, has a link to some absolutely stunning sandwork. The sandcastles are several posts in, but before you scroll to them, have a look at some of the other “oddities.” Those of you who make artists’ books, journals or do “real” bookbinding might be interested.

* In the Antipodes, a chicken is called a chook. Just in case some of you didn’t know!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. no, those are great pix, ackshully.
    nice linos! my daughter the Stainless Steel Amazon does those too. me, i drive the knives into the middle of my hand every time, which is both sad and lame.

    that is the coolest birdnest! is it in your yard? i would be out with a binox all damn day.


  2. FN…Thankyou. I have made the odd slip with a blade, too.
    The sunbird’s current nest is not so much in the yard as behind the front stairs!Crazy nest, looks like something that lost a fight with a washing machine, but they withstand some pretty wild weather.
    (I’ve added a bit of art info in the comments of the previous post.)


  3. Behind the front stairs?! Pretty fun. Cool nest and lovely bird (which doesn’t exist over here on the ‘dark side’…)


  4. tlc…maybe you are a little too far north, but these are a kind of hummingbird.


  5. I haven’t done a lino print since I was at school and still have the scar! Yours are great and so’s your birdie!


  6. I like your lino prints. I have little ability with that and watercolour painting so I always enjoy and appreciate the skills of others.

    love the rock flipping idea 🙂


  7. I love your relief prints. Do you ever do woodblock? (or maybe you’ve told me and the information just leaked out through the sieve…)


  8. ziggi…apparently, there is a knack!

    jafabrit…yes, but look at all the other great stuff you do.

    andrea…I forget!(No, so far, I have only cut lino and flesh, but will give wood a try when time allows.)


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