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Sometimes, I just can’t help myself….I know “all things are relative” and that what we call drought here is laughable in drier parts of this country, but, when the briefest shower and a slight rise of the mercury can produce this…

…an abundance of Grevillea flowers…

…and this…Petrea volubilis, I just have to share the sight!
How much rain fell? Probably a scant 2mm!

OK, gratuitous flower photos all done.For now!

Now to get my rocks off.Politely,of course!

It’s long been a interest of mine to turn over stones and logs to see what might be beneath. As a child, I carried an empty bottle with me (the narrow neck made it easier for little hands to capture things!) on my garden prowls.

And, aside from spiders*, I would collect just about anything, show it with great pride to the family, then release my temporary captives.

Back then, we lived in rural New Zealand, where the only seriously venomous critter was a relative of the Black Widow spider and the Australian Redback spider. I suppose, had there been snakes, scorpions, gila monsters,crocodiles and suchlike, I’d have been too darn’ scared to go a-hunting!

Anyway, I certainly didn’t need much prodding to jump aboard the International Rock Flipping Day (see previous post).

Being this side of the Greenwich Mean should have had me posting yesterday, right? No!Yesterday, certain domestic chores HAD to be done ahead of forecast rain.

All to the good, thought the Intrepid Turner of Rocks, hoping for lots of crawlies after rain.

It didn’t rain after all…

Too dry to see what might live in this hole…

“What lives beyond this dark and guarded gate
That beckons us,unsure, afraid
But keen.”

But I did unearth a common skink (right in the centre; try clicking it)…
Update: I should have given some idea of size/scale yesterday! That skink is about 2″ long.

Off now to see what other rock-flippers might have to show… here is a link to the chap who kicked off this fun

* A regular Miss Muffet, I was. Scared witless of arachnids.Pretty good now, although I have no desire to have a pet tarantula, thank you very much.Erggh! has some good photos and spider info.


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

12 thoughts on “FLIPS AND FINDS

  1. now you’ve got my eye looking for stones to uncover. i know i’ll find worms. i hope i’ll find a surprise or two–maybe a hole to wonderland…..

    thanks for the visit, dinahmow. it’s always a pleasure.


  2. kj…likewise


  3. That skink is good at hiding, Dinamow! While viewing your Rock flipping walk on the far side of the globe from Texas, the flowers are very different but the rocks make me feel at home.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


  4. annie…welcome.Sometimes, the skinks are a lot more brazen!


  5. Cool skink!!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, now I’ve found yours I’ll be back!


  6. I haven’t flipped stones in ages – unless it’s to move stuff around in the garden! What a fun thing to do…


  7. After reading this post and knowing your personality I’m pretty sure Gerald Durrell was a favourite read of yours at one time!


  8. Cynthia…most of the rocks here can only be moved with a backhoe!

    Andrea…Durrell? Yes, an old friend and still a favourite read.


  9. It’s amazing that you spotted that skink. Even with your directions, I had trouble finding it. I’m glad you gave his length. I would have imagined him much larger.


  10. Wildlife Schmildlife!
    Last night the Raccoons (prolly Orson Smells) ripped my bicycle seat to shreds!
    As Bugs Bunny said,
    “Of course you know that this means war!”


  11. It’s not all that exciting to flip rocks around here – mostly slugs, spiders and a wood louse or two… Ants if you’re lucky. Mainly slugs. ugh.


  12. cathy…yes, I only spotted him when he scuttled away

    HE…Orson just wanted something to nibble.Park your bike in the shed.

    TLC…slugs are the gardeners’ bane, but great protein for chooks!(If you don’t have chooks, drown ’em in beer and add to compost)


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