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I was up before the sun this morning. Not from choice, I might add! But having a head start, I thought I might catch the sunbirds feeding their chicks.

The astute reader will immediately discern that this is not a picture of a sunbird.

What it is is a picture of a Saint Andrews spider (Argiope aetherea), sitting motionless in the middle of its web, quite unperturbed by the water from a sprinkler.

Finally, after years of waiting, we have seeds ripening on one of the Wodyetia bifurcata.
Called foxtails (for obvious reasons) when fully ripe, they look not unlike one of those nets of oranges you see at fruit markets. And I took this picture because, with possums, birds and bats, there may not be any left for a “ripe” shot!

With an ENORMOUS house being built right behind us, I’ve allowed the garden in this corner to “go troppo.”

The new house from its street front.

And the view we have.

Usually, we give these hibiscus a pretty severe haircut at the beginning of spring. But they make a good screen. An occasional flower manages to poke its head through the support wires on the pergola. And that is no mean feat, considering the rampant runaways up there!

Like this, Wisteria sinensis for one. From a skinny little 10cm (4″) cutting 4 years ago to a sprawling mass, it is slugging it out with a climbing rose (“Iceberg”) and the petrea and a tecomanthe hilli and stephanotis and a white Mandevilla. Who will win? Well, I’m hoping they will all continue to flourish!

This tecomanthe (Fraser Island Creeper) is actually planted several metres away, beside the fence, but it’s happily making its way, Triffid-like, in several directions. A bit of a problem, actually…

Despite crawling around for half the morning I still did not catch the sunbirds. This is the shaky one I managed to get of Mr. S. on Sunday. Shaky because I was balancing on the edge of the stairs and Rusty was eyeing the bird with great interest! I called a halt and took Rusty for a walk on the far side of the garden.

And now, an announcement…

Some bloggers like to mark “blogiversaries” with sort of lucky dip.
Why should I be any different? Besides, I was the winner of Cynthia’s blogiversary prize earlier this year, so it’s only fair that I offer a similar give-away.

But you have to work for it!
On the first anniversary of Idle Thoughts, I will put the names of commenters into a hat and a completely trustworthy person, say, a policeman, or a priest or maybe a Significant Other will draw one name from the hat.

And that person will be the winner.

Now, you’re all busting to know what the prize will be, yes?

Until closer to the date, that, my friends, remains a secret! I might toss you the odd clue …


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. What the hell is that huge fence in your backyard? It looks like they are building Jurassic Park!
    Don’t worry, Dinosaurs were solar powered and they will be sleeping at night. OH. Remember that the T Rex has motion detection be careful when you are putting around near that 20 foot electric fence.


  2. That “fence” is the scaffolding.Now that shell of the house is done, the scaffolding’s gone.But man! it is one big sucker of a house!


  3. i hope those neighbors are smaller than their house, dinahmow!

    i’d like my name in your anniversary hat. i hope i win….



  4. kj…you ARE an optimist, hoping to win without knowing the prize! Well, leave a comment on the day and maybe you will win.


  5. Happy first year! You are no longer a baby. What a shame to see that house going up right behind you, but it was probably inevitable and at least it doesn’t block your sea-side.


  6. Thanks for the ball.


  7. Love all the gratuitous flowers! Very exotic looking compared to our tame and temperate flora…


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