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Yes, that’s right. Patchwork, as in odds and ends cobbled together to make one whole.

Why? Because Time, that old thief, is running away again. So this post is something of a patched affair.

First up…the two sunbird chicks have fledged. Probably on Wednesday while I was dishing out hot dogs to 180 school children at the end-of-term beach picnic. The sunbirds will probably raise at least one more brood this spring, but whether in this nest I don’t know.

Still on bird topics…The Man did a sterling job at the weekend of putting up a new radio aerial (all these big houses had interfered with our FM signal!) on the roof. And while he was up there, bolting rods into place, a crazy little dove was constructing a nest on the TV aerial! Barely room for the dove, never mind a “nest” and a couple of eggs.And it’s exposed to storms, hawks, and all manner of other potential dangers. But the Darwin theory has not affected these doves so who am I to call names?

Time for another “patch.”

Recent rain and warmer temperatures have brought not unexpected clouds of insects. Hungry insects. Hungry for human blood. And, along with the mosquitoes and midges, more flies than I care to have .
I am reminded of an old friend who always springs to mind when flies become annoying. ..not because he attracted flies, but for this:

” There was a little fly
And he flew into a store.

He pfft! on the ceiling
And he pfft! on the floor

He pfft! on the bacon
And he pfft! on the ham
And he pfft! on the head of the little grocer man.
Now the grocer man was mad! He got his flit ‘n’ gun.
He swore to get that fly before the day was done.
But before he could count from one right up to ten…
The little fly pfft! on the grocer man again!”

I am not sure whether he wrote this, but it was told to me by Spike Milligan.

ILTV has tagged me for one of those “random facts” revelations. For this one I’m to list a trait or characteristic beginning with the letters of my name. Or, in this case, sobriquet. Last time I was hit I flicked the pass. OK…here we go…

Dancing, or at least the conventional sort, is not my forte. I can sashay and boogie my way around the floor on my own, but any partner’d better wear steel caps!

I like ice cream. But only vanilla flavoured. I don’t like intolerance.

Nationalism, at best, strikes me as a bit daft.And at worst, downright scary.

I was an archer. No, not related to Dan and Doris! The Robin Hood kind of archer. (And I had some sympathy for the Amazons!)

Hats! I’ve had many. I love hats.

Music is important to me. Depending on my mood, I might listen to anything from Axel to Zappa.

Overcooked food – blearggh! Actually, anything done to excess is out!

I’ve been called a wordsmith and that’s fine by me since I do tinker with language. And because it is so wonderful and its scent wafts into the house, I’m showing you some more wisteria!

Well, there you have my patched post. I am supposed to now tag eight more people. But, as many of the bloggers I know have already been “hit” or are very,very busy doing things like getting married… if any of you feel inclined to hop aboard the tag wagon just drop me a comment so I can find you.A bit like laying a trail of breadcrumbs!





Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

7 thoughts on “PATCHWORK

  1. Aha! Now that we know what makes you tick we can blackmail you!


  2. Okay, inquiring minds want to know … did you really know Spike Milligan?


  3. very fun. i am not surprised you love hats. i can just see you in my mind’s eye!

    i hate that flies have gained kyptonite strength. arrrggh.

    hey! would you consider doing thursday 13’s? based on this patch, you’d have fun with it.



  4. andrea…yes, but to what end? I have no money.

    bibi…oh, yes.

    kj…if I had to do this every week I think I’d very soon run out of steam!


  5. lovely!

    this made me smile a lot – thank you. . .

    (and what wonderful wysteria!)


  6. hearing about the birds makes me smile. goofy dove!

    we’ve had barn swallows fly into the house and start trying to build a nest on the ceiling light.


  7. ILTV and FN…2 smilers on one post.Now that’s what I call a good result!


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