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Another busy (ish) time that has taken me away from blogging, so I’m showing you a few pictures.

Remember the picture of the foxtail palm seeds, a couple of posts ago? Well, here are some fallen ripe seeds, with a golf ball to give you an idea of scale. That rich orange-red “skin” peels away when dry to reveal what I think must be the seed, only slightly smaller than the golf ball. (But don’t quote me, ‘cos I have not been able to split one to see what’s inside. It could just keep on a-peeling, like one of those Chinese puzzles!)

More palm trees. Yes, folks, we have no shortage of ’em around here! These are growing along the driveway at one of the local sugar mills. What kind of palm? Tall, skinny one with kinky trunks? (It’s a rather large file from my old camera stuff and blogger objected to its size, hence my less-than-sharp reduction.)

And despite looking OK on preview, I see the published version bears more resemblance to Kandinsky than palms!But click on it and you’ll get the real McCoy in a new window.

And this is a “neon” coconut, down at our local beach. I fiddled about in the editing programme. Obviously!

And now, for something completely different… fanfare, please…

You’ve heard about Rusty and you’ve even seen his picture on the blog. But not often, because Rusty preferred to keep to himself.

However, since Josh departed, Rusty has been asserting himself more and more. In fact, he’s become quite a pushy little bugger!

He used to wander in from time to time when I was in here, but never bothered about jumping onto the desk or nosing around the stack of text books or other piles of “stuff”that usually litter this room.

Well, yesterday, he decided things would change. He curled up on the rug beside my chair and stayed for a couple of hours!

My new blog-mate. I wonder what it would take to get him to sub for me?


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

6 thoughts on “RUSTY JOINS THE TEAM

  1. hmmmmmm? He looks like a fish eater to me – how about a fresh trout?


  2. Ziggi…I come from trout country (and get very homesick at times!).Rusty is a 100% tropical chap so trout is unknown.(And too expensive!)


  3. Rusty’s beautiful – a dead ringer for my ‘studio assistant’ Chester. Ginger csts are such characters!



  4. Celia…thanks for popping across.And, yes, he is a character.He reminds us very much of a ginger cat from a few years back – a bit shy around strangers and very much the dictator of terms!


  5. Those seed pods look fabulous – they would make a great painting, print or drawing!

    Rusty is adorable!


  6. cynthia…yes, he is a cutey.


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