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I have noticed (and noted) on several occasions that the bloggers whose posts I read tend, from time to time, to be subject to periods of lethargy.

Now, since most of those I read are of the artistic bent, I simply put this down to artistic drive, or lack thereof. Moribund muse and all that…we, almost all of us, seem to feel that we must post on a regular basis. We want to keep the faith. And our readers!

But I have lately been leaning towards the “seasonal” stance. Cynthia has a post about the apparent flagging of some blogs/bloggers.The comments after that seem to suggest that other bloggers are noticing the same slowing-down. Is blogging, both the writing and reading, encroaching too much on personal Time?

Maybe blogging is, like the long and langourous summer holidays of childhood, a time of fun, excitement, do-what-you-feel-like freedom? We have plenty of time…

Then that sudden warning tang of autumnal air.

The Northerners have had their summer rush and must now prepare for the coming winter. Our genetic memory still fuels our collective trepidation and summer’s exuberance tends to wane as we squirrel away necessities against the coming season’s shortages. For some, this may mean putting blogging aside for a while.

Here, the Antipodean summer expectations are driving us. We begin new projects, perversely perhaps, knowing that we will have “more time” to complete things, to write longer or more frequent posts, while still playing in the sunshine.*

Could it be that blogging’s early days were its summer days? Will there continue to be a seasonal spate, followed by a dry time?

Maybe, like the land, our blogging needs a fallow period. And would that be so bad?

* Except in this state, whose government does not believe in Daylight Saving!


THAT DOLL (finally!)

It began as ” a bit of a laugh, really.” A doll to be a personal “whipping boy” for our negativity and darker thoughts.

I had in mind something along the lines of a voodoo doll into which I could stick sharp implements whenever I had the grumps.

But the doll forged its own character and intentions as it progressed. Many doll-makers and writers say much the same of their creations. Speaking solely for myself, I find that until a character “talks ” to me I am merely floundering in the dark.

Somehow, the idea of transferring my angst and inflicting pain was all wrong. I am a jovial and optimistic person. And the poppette knew this and seeded my brain with a different idea…

The wooden jar (turned from the root of an ancient kauri) that she holds contains a version of the Chinese fortune cookie in a tiny scroll bearing a quotation, a thought for the day, an epigram. No sharps!

Perhaps I could post one each time I write?

For those who may be interested : the doll is based on a pattern by Patti Medaris Culea. She has published several articles and books (USA) which are still available.


A reminder, to myself as much as to you… the blogiversary is only a couple of weeks away.

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. I love that she is sitting holding a wooden jar, almost like she is nurturing herself in the vessel. I like how she is constructed and her pose. I think I agree with the face.

    I will post an update on the dolls on my blog in the near future with links to all the dolls 🙂


  2. Wow your doll is fantastic! I’m impressed with your sewing skills too.

    I’m forced to stay up tonight kiln sitting and am going to write the post I was going to compose tomorrow morning. No time like the present when it presents itself.


  3. she’s wonderful

    she has great legs! I never put faces on dolls if I can help it. . .

    I find blogging a little like a waxing and waning moon – it’s a joy when there I something full and shining; even when there is something less than one expected there is always something; and sometimes, there is nothing at all – but you know something is there anywhere just sitting back in the dark waiting to emerge again

    that goes for my own writing and also those that I read



  4. jafabrit…thankyou


  5. cynthia…hmmm, you may be less impressed if you saw it up close!

    ILTV…yes, the lunar metaphor is a good one!


  6. I know that my personal blogging time is totally dependent on how tight my deadlines are, and how much time I’ve had to spend running my kids around… It feels like a luxury, I guess – which I don’t feel I can afford when ‘life’ encroaches too closely… Sad though!


  7. tara…I saw your comment in my mail box 3 hours ago…no time to answer! I think we all know what you mean and how you feel! Thanks for making time to come here!


  8. ya see, i go away for a little while and you’ve been posting like a big ol’ posting thing that goes around posting. geeze.
    i think you have a point about us northern folks taking a little time off to play squirrel…i know thats what my big excuse has been.

    the doll turned out cool! you know what; i’d like to see it without the shawl and the hat…the structure looks interesting and just representational enough not to be creepy but still recognizeable.


  9. fn…having seen how impressive you are with a needle (’bout time we saw some more of that!), I’d be ashamed to undress my doll!
    No, really, my hands are so rough and messed-up I find needlework very slow.The right shoulder on that doll is a disaster area, hence the black lace!But thanks for the kind words.


  10. I love the doll! She has a pose of grace and grit. I really like the headdress and the vessel too. Great work! As far as the blogging goes, I’ve been at it for almost 5 years now…and for the first four I blogged almost every day…this last year I have stepped back to about three times a week…depending on the week. I find that I need to have something to say rather than just filling the space up. I started feeling like it was a job…so I cut back a little. I did loose a lot of readers because of it. I just can’t seem to come up with as much stuff these days…I have so busy working on new stuff, shows and moving cross country…so I guess we will see what happens now that I have settled again.
    Love the doll…its really awesome!


  11. Re: Time…..I think you are right on all aspects, well thought out points. I agree, and every single one of them, fits the bill for me. Right down to me, only today, finding out that you had visited, and commented on my blog the end of August!!! It then took me a good hour on Jafa’s site to find out what I agreed with you on, that got you to stop and say Hi on my blog!!! LOL…..And I so like the company, but not a great hostess I’m afraid, these past few months. So thank you Dinah, so funny to come on here and find your viewpoint today, that is so me these past months. Also, you must tell me of your friends who live in my city. How amazing is that!!
    Will be back, have enjoyed your musings, and your doll is wonderful, such character. well done.


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