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I got quite a kick out of this giveaway lark.

At first.

Then I had doubts,awful doubts, about the prints I had offered.Y’see, Iam never entirely satisfied with my work. Folks, I have sent more paper “up the chimney” than Mr. Hefner has had bunnies.

So I felt that perhaps my work was not prize-worthy.

Then I happened to glance through an art magazine while waiting for a shop assistant.
probably could have translated “War and Peace” in that time!). If I’d had the camera I’d have taken a picture of a really ugly,badly-splodged picture that sold for somewhat more than my monthly grocery bill. Slightly less than my wine bill, but let’s not split hairs!

My point is that I am not a professional artist; I muck about in ink and play with cloth and thread for my own amusement. If, occasionally, I sell something, well, that’s a kick and a bonus.

So I stopped feeling bad about the Blogiversary pieces. And anyway, it’s too late now!


The Man of the House and supporter of my hobby draws the winning name….

I did snap him holding aloft the winning paper, but it was spookily too much like Neville Chamberlain returning from Munich!

And the winner is…First Nations, from “Paul, because Paul is a nice Name.”

If you have never read that blog now’s your chance to sample the menu. Be warned, some days the dishes are pretty salty! But this gal can write!

Thankyou, everyone who commented, whether you had something to say or just wanted to change the odds.


Now, I’m going back to my jungle…because, a couple of hours ago, I noticed a flower on a plant that has given me more grief than most in my gardening life.
If you really want to know, it’s Syzigium Wilsonii and, if I can get a good angle, I’m going to come back and show you( bore you with?) a picture.

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

3 thoughts on “WE HAVE A WINNER!

  1. I sure have enjoyed your blog this morning!


  2. ldahl…thankyou for visiting and I’m pleased you enjoyed it. Call again, anytime.


  3. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *does the happy happy joy joy dance*

    *complete with butt flumping*


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