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So …I turned on a couple of hoses for the more desperate parts of the garden (one just cannot rely on that weather man!), poured another coffee and ducked in here to check emails before settling down to more serious work.

The word “blogging” caught my eye on the oddly enough Reuters page…

Go, granny! I hope I’ll still have as much viable grey matter when I’m that “grey.”

Still on the business of blogging …if you’ve been over to Andrea’s site you’ll have read her post on the subject of blogrolls. And if you read the comments…

So, why have I not had a blogroll on “Idle Thoughts”? Well, to be brutally honest, when I started this I simply” didn’t know how to do it.” I was unsure of possible protocols and etiquette. Did one wait to be invited to link someone? Should one ask permission to link? Checking on various sites suggested that there was some form.And, too, there were bloggers who seemed very strict in their acceptance of links. I certainly did not want to put readers through the kind of hoops that some sites require!

Oh, yes! There was also the problem of invalid links. I had dreadful trouble, in the early days, getting my links right. The mistress of broken code, you might say! I now know that it wasn’t always lousy linking on my part; Blogger, at that time, was going through the change, remember? And the Beta change proved almost as problematical as the menopausal one!

But that uncertainty was not the only reason I chose not to have a blogroll.

I have said before that I try to keep this blog “vague” when it comes to personal details. Regular readers know which blogs I read. Indeed, we are a kind of extended family; my blog is on several blogrolls.

But I also read blogs whose content is decidedly more “serious” than this one! And I no longer read some which I read in the early days.Would these bloggers feel miffed if I didn’t add them to my blogroll?

Yep! Just like an extended family. There is invariably one whose tastes offend another.

So I do not have a blogroll. Make of it what you will!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

4 thoughts on “AGE IS NO BARRIER

  1. You know — I never noticed that you didn’t have a blogroll. What does that say about its importance — or my ability to pay attention? 🙂


  2. I never noticed either!
    I have one for me, so that I can easily find the blogs I want to read – it never even occurred to me to ask permission! How rude!? It’s an open forum and there are a few who take it just a tad too seriously I think – but like Andrea I do fail to keep it up to date so I would probably ditch it if I didn’t find it useful.


  3. I agree with my two gal-friends Andrea and Ziggi…I didn’t notice you didn’t have a blogroll either.

    Which does say something about how they’re important or not, and who they’re important to.

    It doesn’t matter to me you don’t have a blogroll…only that you comment, from time to time, on mine.


  4. Hmm… so far, blogrolls seem less important than the blogs. Of course, you could always do as I do and save ’em in favourites, or bookmarks!
    I think WW is on the right track in that the writer is the one we want to read and talk to, via comments.
    And thanks for that!


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