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I was having a conversation recently with an artist and, somehow, the topic swung to superstitions and charms. Maybe it was something to do with it being around Hallowe’en?

I said that I love bones, particularly skulls and that I can easily see why so much mystery and magic has built up around ossified relics.

I suppose I expected my friend to carry this conversation further, but he “blew my socks off” with his response: “Yeuww! Stop it! I HATE skulls!”

Of course, I couldn’t “stop it,” could I! “But you must have had to draw stuff in anatomy class? And how can you do those amazing birds if you don’t know what’s under the feathers?”

“That’s different. It’s work.”

Total incomprehension from Yours Truly. Probably a good thing my friend never saw the odd collections of bones n bits that frequently adorned the mantel of our other house! (I should mention that one of The Man’s hobbies was taxidermy when he had time for hobbies.)

This is a wolf spider, but looks, to me, as if it could be known as a skull spider!

Before I leave the cranial connection, here’s a link to a great site (some of you have been here before) that’s well worth the visit.


I was pottering in the garden the other day and walked smack! into a web. The camera was not far away so I tried for a picture. I failed! But I think this is one of the “jewel spiders.” Austracantha minax.

I love this camera, but…sometimes, one small, arthritic-y hand has difficulty holding it while the other hand provides background! So pop off to Wikipedia and have a look at some better pictures!

I was wandering about on “that other web” for some details for an article I’m writing and my eye was caught by this gem:

“…giraffe poo is the same size as sheep poo…” If I am ever asked to play Trivial Pursuit I’ll be a cinch!


Harking back to bones…I see the Tutankhamun mummy has been put on display. Once, the most important man in his world, now a shrivelled, leathery scrap, ogled by tourists. Seems a little sad…


That article I am writing? If I stay on the blog it will be the article I am NOT writing!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. Reading this made me realize something weird: as a child I was simply terrified of anything to do with skeletons and skulls. So why does so much of my art contain it now?


  2. Sigmund says: it is all about sexual sublimation.


  3. “…giraffe poo is the same size as sheep poo…” If I am ever asked to play Trivial Pursuit I’ll be a cinch!”

    That’s a odd fact and one I sure won’t forget any time soon – hopefully I’ll be able to share that with someone soon – maybe my kid’s clay class – they’ll be impressed.

    Speaking of spiders, I passed by a house today that hadn’t removed their Halloween decorations yet, and I’m going to have to go back and snap a photograph. There is a giant -human sized- spider on the roof and the whole house is covered with a gigantic web. Very cool.


  4. Ooh, Cynthis, that sounds fun!Will you post a photo?


  5. I love bones… Always have. Love the ‘insides’ of anything alive. I find all of it fascinating. My favorite class in college was human anatomy over in the biology dept (complete with cadavers to study each week in lab, as they were gradually dissected by graduate students). If I hadn’t been so far along in my studies at the point, I might have changed majors to something more medicine related…

    Check my blog for *my* latest bone entry…


  6. TLC…just back from your horse post!
    Yes, bones in general are interesting.And didn’t some early artists do a good job of guessing when they had to!


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