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It is something like a quarter of a century since I had much to do with very small kittens. Come to that, it’s been a day or several since I had much to do with small animals of any kind. I think the most recent “baby” was Spike, a possum, back in the mid ‘nineties.

But by th ‘eck! Some things come back to one quickly! Things like:

not wearing dangly ear rings

not wearing long, swing-able necklaces

not wearing long skirts

not going bare-legged

not wearing your best silk or cashmere

not forgetting to bring the Calamine with you when you shut the bathroom door

And with the temperature nudging 30deg.C it’s a tad warm for the wearing of heavyweight jeans!

It’s not all on the debit side of the ledger, though: little paws and tails can reach under furniture and into crevices too big for the Hoover!

I bought one of those purpose-built scratch posts in an effort (so far, futile!) to dissuade them from scratching upholstery. Yes, I could have made a similar item, but by the time I’d bought a piece of carpet, something to nail it to…And, anyway, it all seems pointless…while I was assembling the scratcher (they come as a flat-pack as does everything shipped from the Far East) the little darlings decided the packing carton was the bestest toy in the whole wide world.
A bit like that Mastercard advert!

Ziggi quoted Elliot (yesterday’s comments) on the subject of cat names. And I find myself leaning to another of his lovely poems as these tearaways hoon through any room not closed-off.

Of course, we may have to be somewhat cavalier in the matter of gender; Rumpelteazer is probably a bloke. For the moment, anyway!

Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer were a very notorious couple of cats. As knockabout clown, quick-change comedians, tight-rope walkers and acrobats They had extensive reputation. They made their home in Victoria Grove-- That was merely their centre of operation, for they were incurably given to rove. They were very well know in Cornwall Gardens, in Launceston Place and in Kensington Square. They had really a little more reputation than a couple of cats can very well bear. If the area window was found ajar And the basement looked like a field of war, If a tile or two came loose on the roof, Which presently ceased to be waterproof, If the drawers were pulled out from the bedroom chests, And you couldn't find one of your winter vests, Or after supper one of the girls Suddenly missed her Woolworth pearls: Then the family would say:"It's that horrible cat! It was Mungojerrie--or Rumpelteazer!" And most of the time they left it at that. Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer had a very unusual gift of the gab. They were highly efficient cat-burglars as well, and remarkably smart at smash-and-grab. They made their home in Victoria Grove. They had no regular occupation. They were plausible fellows, and liked to engage a friendly policeman in conversation. When the family assembled for Sunday dinner, With their minds made up that they wouldn't get thinner On Argentine joint, potatoes and greens, And the cook would appear from behind the scenes And say in a voice that was broken with sorrow: "I'm afraid you must wait and have dinner tomorrow! For the joint has gone from the oven-like that!" Then the family would say:"It's that horrible cat! It was Mungojerrie--or Rumpelteazer!" And most of the time they left it at that. Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer had a wonderful way of working together. And some of the time you would say it was luck, and some of the time you would say it was weather. They would go through the house like a hurricane, and no sober person could take his oath Was it Mungojerrie--or Rumpelteazer? or could you have sworn that it mightn't be both? And when you heard a dining-room smash Or up from the pantry there came a loud crash Or down from the library came a loud ping From a vase which was commonly said to be Ming-- Then the family would say:"Now which was which cat? It was Mungojerrie! AND Rumpelteazer!" And there's nothing at all to be done about that! From :"Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats." T.S.Elliot.
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A photo on Flickr
A photo on Flickr
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  1. how about
    Rumpeljerrie and Mungoteazer

    Looks like labour then!


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