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IF "Superstition"

My offering for this week’s “Illustration Friday” topic, “Superstition.”

I did think I might have to skip this week’s IF as my two new black cats are keeping me pretty busy! But I decided to go with this, from an earlier linoprint (whose title was NOT about the supposed ill-luck associated with black cats!)


Foregoing a workout at the gym, I stayed at home and chased a couple of superactive kittens up and down all day while The Man went to work.

Ha! A drive in the countryside, more like!

But he did take the camera with him on this trip and this is a little of what The Man saw…

Is there a rural area anywhere in the world that you don’t find innovative mail boxes?

Like it or not, we’re dependent on this stuff.

Umm…anyone got a Swiss Army Knife handy?


Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

I might have to get my brother to help;it seems to be stuck…

Ah-ha! So that’s how it opens!

Gee! All this hard work makes a chap hungry…

And ,while they are zonked-out for a while, I have to do some repairs involving Superglue and something tells me that Workplace Health and Safety probably caution against using that around fireballs like these two!
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A photo on Flickr
A photo on Flickr
A photo on Flickr
A photo on Flickr
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Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. Love the kitten stories (right! No dangly earrings or bare legs!). And that mailbox picture is amazing!


  2. tlc…the kittens lovely and lots of fun.And the new dining room furniture will remain packaged until these vandals have learned to behave!(Why did I choose ladder-back chairs!)
    And, yes, the mail box is good.The big cow is a 40gal drum and the calf a 20gal The horns look like handle bars!


  3. That is so true about the mailboxes!! The kitties are adorable and I bet about as fun as it gets! Very glad to have stopped by!


  4. You are an animal lover – that means you can come aboard my Ark come the dreadful day!
    Love the wildlife. You have a new Prime Minister today, I gather. He was talking the usual “brave new world”, “new dawn”, “onwards and upwards” nonsense that our lot spout. Is he any good or do you fear the worst? You got rid of Liberals. That, going by the dictionary, doesn’t sound good. As you know, since Thatcher we’ve been slightly right of Attila the Hun over here. Please don’t join us.


  5. Hi! I’m just catching up with your new kitten stories – what fun!!! I love kitten mad moments! Have you built them a cardboard box castle?



  6. dyna girl…thanks for calling.And yes, the littlies are fun. Painful, but fun!

    reg…welcome! Can I bring all my charges aboard the ark?
    AS for Mr. Rudd…he promises to start well, but I’m waiting to see how he shapes up. Bet yer he doan’ get ‘invite t’ranch in Crawford!
    (How’s Pad?)


  7. LOVE the mail boxes šŸ™‚

    and the kittens of course (wee fluffballs of joy and mayhem)


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