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Can one have an addendum at the beginning? Well, I can.!This is my blog and if I want an addendum at the beginning…

The kittens have not yet been named. Officially, that is. They have, of course, been given a variety of nicknames, not all polite! But two of these seem to be front-runners in the Naming Stakes.
I am not giving odds, but if anyone would like to guess at the most popular, feel free.

The tally
1. Geiger l
2. Sporran lll
3. Curly
4. Ferret l
5.Blackjack llll
6.Toe rag l
7.Ratbag ll


Don’t worry – I am not going to witter on about politics for the entire post!


It seemed quite appropriate to submit this drawing for Illustration Friday’s topic “Zoo.”

I am not a fan of zoos in general, although I will acknowledge that some have done admirable research into animal husbandry. But, on the whole, I think they are animal prisons . And even worse in some places.


For those who are interested…the kittens continue to amuse us. Their range extends, it seems, hourly! The other day, I moved the table some 3′ further from the counter top, thinking it would be a while before they could jump so far. Let’s just say their judgement of distance/ability is better than mine…

And progress is being made by the other feline resident…last night, he came in and deigned to sit on the back of the sofa while the little hellions careered around. The occasional vehement Hisss! with bared fangs was all that was required to ensure possession of the sofa back.


This being a Monday, I have things to do…lotsa things to do!
A photo on Flickr
A photo on Flickr
A photo on Flickr
A photo on Flickr
A photo on Flickr
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Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

21 thoughts on “THE MIXTURE AS BEFORE?

  1. I’m always fascinated by new, furry arrivals and how they all sort themselves out, pecking order wise, while we busy ourselves with our everyday lives.
    There are glares, and grumbles, and tests of strength and then you find out what the end result was after about three days.
    Sounds like the old boy is going to tolerate the little ones – but don’t ask him to help out with nappy changing.


  2. P.S. Pad is not so good, sadly, but thank you so much for asking after him. Big day at the vet’s tomorrow.


  3. Fun illustration! Are you enjoy IF?PS Blog lookin’ good!


  4. Zoos are, by and large, pretty dreadful places. Sadly some of my fondest childhood memories are of Phoenix Park Zoo in Dublin with my Grandad. Conflicted is, I think, the word.


  5. reg…yes, things will even out;at least these newbies have each other to play with on the same terms!

    andrea…thanks and,yes, I like IF although I’ve just noticed that I goofed on the submission.Probably broken code!

    malc…yes, a conflict of memory/emotion/propiety.


  6. YES! your beautiful print finally got here a few days ago! did i say it was beautiful? its beautiful!
    thank you so much, dinah. you really made something wonderful and i’m glad to own it.

    now i must backread!


  7. fn…relieved it arrived! Sometimes, the mail service worries me. ( I have back-reading, too;so darn’ busy at present…)


  8. I like Blackjack and Sporran. The names have a ring to themselves – they sound like a dodgy firm of solicitors.


  9. reg…solicitors, yes! I’d thought of pirates; too obvious. (I’m guessing you’re up late with your friend?)


  10. I’m enjoying all of your cat and kitten-themed posts lately. Your Zoo post was great too, though I know nothing of Australian politicians, but if they’re like U.S. politicos, they all belong in the zoo (if not prison!).


  11. Jana…thankyou. Politics here has, for the past 11 years, been almost a mirror of Washington,DC. We now hope for better things.
    And I’ve fixed that URL!


  12. By the way, I’m in for Ratbag.


  13. Loving the kittens. Oh Blackjack for sure, and Toe rag is a tickler.


  14. Thanks, Denise. That’s one more for Blackjack and one for Toe rag.


  15. Yes I like blackjack too, but can’t chose between Ferret or Sporran as 2nd choice – in fact they’re both more of a joint 3rd – give us some more choices! 🙂

    Loved your illustration although I’m not a fan of caged or confined animals.


  16. RATBAG. gotta be ratbag. a cat named ratbag would be world-class awesome.


  17. Ziggi and FN…duly noted. (Ziggi, if I gave you more choices, especially of what I sometimes call them, the blog would be flagged!)


  18. I like Geiger, Blackjack and Sporran, D.

    As far as zoos go, all I can tell you is that me and my kids love going to ours.

    Yes, they’re prisons. But they inform and bring these animals more into our awareness.

    I would bring cats into my apartment in a heartbeat, if they weren’t disallowed here. Sigh.


  19. ww… I have had some fun at zoos/wildlife parks, but, as a rule, I am not happy about them. Maybe that’s why I became a wildlife recuer/carer.

    Hooray! Someone likes “Geiger” Shame you are not allowed animules.


  20. I’m with you on the prisons thing and salute you for becoming a rescuer/caregiver.

    Any animal that’s in captivity is an animal that’s not in its wild habitat and natural environment.

    And that, hands down, is a bad thing.

    All I’m saying is I have seen the wonder and fascination in my kids’ eyes at the zoo.

    I hope Geiger gets more votes. 🙂


  21. WW… the next post will have the final count!


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