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A few years ago I read Phillip Pullman’s “Northern Lights.” Intrigued, I went on to read the complete trilogy.(Northern Lights; The Subtle Knife; The Amber Spyglass.) At the time, my sideways brain could see a television series in this. Actually, I could see rather a lot in the story/stories! I loved the creatures and objects Pullman created; in fact, I even made sketches of some to better understand how they “worked.”

And guess which movie seems set to score well at the holiday box office? Yep,the film based on these books; released as “The Golden Compass.”

From a review:
Los Angeles Times, Sam Adams:

Given a choice between Iraq and fairyland, it’s clear where moviegoers would prefer to spend time.

As one might expect, the God-botherers are reading into this far too much pseudo-religious opinion, crying “foul!” at what they see as an attempt to undermine Christianity. Utter tosh! As with the “Harry Potter” stories, they are just that: stories. And a heck of a good read, too. Go on, head to the library or book store and find out. You don’t have to like them, but I can pretty well guarantee that you will find them interesting.

Over at Bad!Kitty, Heather has an intriguing link to the movie website, including a Daemon Test. Well, naturally, I had to find out what my Daemon is…

Sirion, the tiger

/ /

There was a code to paste into this post, but Blogger rejects the code as given!And you know what I’m llike at re-writing html!! Bah!
(I did this twice, by the way, scoring Myron, the Snow Leopard first time around.)

Now, those who know me would probably use the word “pragmatic”(or maybe “pig-headed!”) of me. Certainly, they wouldn’t think that I go around chatting to my soul/shadow!

Wrong! When I was a toddle-bod I had (as do most youngsters) an imaginary friend. The family accepted that this friend sometimes held up proceedings because of a broken shoe lace, or whatever. I would grow out of it. And that’s what they all thought…

But I didn’t. Not completely. I just grew up a little and learned that the weird stuff in my head was not in other heads. So that’s where it stayed. My imaginary friend morphed into something a little different, with a new name and is still there!

No wonder Pullman’s Daemons struck a chord!

I suppose it was only a matter of time before this happened. It is the Silly Season, after all!
If this link is also giving you trouble, blame cyber gremlins and Google ‘Reuters Oddly Enough’ and click on electric eel
Ooh! I haven’t shown you any “awww!- aren’t- they- cute” photos for a day or two. So, to redress the balance for all you aileurophiles…

Geiger, leaping out of a pot of silk delphiniums and hydrangeas; Sporran about to make his attempt from behind the pot.

Apparently, climbing into and jumping out of was not as much fun as shredding…

But at least my “Heath Robinson” kitten fence works! Too bad if the Wet Season arrives and I need my gumboots!

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  1. When I grew up I realised that my imaginary friend was really just me. So I proceeded to talk to myself aloud on a more-or-less continual basis, and haven’t stopped.

    A friend of mine has also read the books upon which The Golden Compass is based, and he says I should read them. I will, eventually. There are so many books that desperately need me to read them!!!!


  2. Aren’t “aileurophiles” the bits round ladies’ nipples?
    I’ve got an imaginary friend called Brian – but we’re not talking at the moment because he thinks I’m a loony.


  3. i had imaginary groups of people. these became stories. the stories became weird. then i grew up and met the people in real life and now im just really, really confused, so i drink.

    then the voices start….

    (kittEHs! teh cuteness of teh KITTEHS!!!)


  4. stace…my mother used to reckon that if you wanted an intelligent answer you should ask yourself!

    reg…you’re confusing that with orioles!

    fn…welcome to the club! By the way, did you read what that chap said about your “identity” wine?


  5. Your mother was a smart lady! hehe


  6. Firstborn had an imaginary friend called Mr Digger. Apparently he upped sticks and moved to Australia (true! so she said.)
    Do you know him at all?

    Kittens looking gorge!


  7. Don’t be surprised if your imaginary friend returns..
    could be any day now.

    I am ‘stoked’ as the Yanks say to see the Compass. The Moral Minority responsible for criticising the movie is feeling a little out of sorts these days because they are imploding under the weight of their catastrophic failure to speed up the rapture.

    The fact that I live close to the Polar Bear Capital of the world makes seeing this flick all the more pertinent.That poor Nicole Kidman and her translucent skin…she really needs some colour in her cheeks.

    Anyway when your imaginary friend returns make sure that she gets her own blog.


  8. I loved the first two books in the Pullman trilogy. The third one just didn’t work as well for me… The movie didn’t do as well as they’d hoped on its opening weekend so they are already predicting that sequels may be doomed…


  9. ziggi…given that any Aussie soldier is called a “digger” I very likely do knowFB’s friend!

    HE…there will always be elements who push their own particular barrow on quasi-religious issues. I am more interested in the entertainment angle.When I’ve seen the film, I’ll let you know.

    Tara…hmmm…I read a similar review somewhere the other day, although most papers are “hype-ing” it. I did feel a bit let down at the end of the third book, but thought that was just my teacher’s editing coming to the fore!


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