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“Helping” and trying to catch the cursor was tiring. A nap was called for. Their “pillow” is my well-thumbed copy of the Douglas Adams & John Lloyd gem,“The Greater Meaning of Liff.” It’s an expanded edition of “The Meaning of Liff” and if you have not read it I suggest you hit your local Barnes & Noble, W.H.Smith, Whitcoull or whatever emporium sells good books. If you don’t, much of what I write will be somewhat Dalderby.( No, I’m not going to give you an asterisked explanation on the end of the post! Buy the book!)

Cat o’ two tails?

Yes, they do now venture out into the garden. And under the fence. And down the drive. Not too bad if I have help, but on my own…


I’m taking advantage of that cliche, the window of opportunity…

I hope you all had/are having a happy time? Chez Dinahmow, that jolly old man in the red jammies brought us a wonderful gift: RAIN! Now, to those of you in places like Seattle and Vancouver, this may not seem very gifty.And there are folk a few hundred kms from me who will be ready to strangle me, but when you are going through a drought in the coastal tropics…well, thanks, Santa!

And someone else is noisily gtrateful,too.

I was going to show you a pretty picture of our Christmas tree.

It has…no! it HAD fibreoptic lights which changedcolour; a truly beautiful epilepsy-triggering effect. The instructions stated that it should not be switched on for longer than 16 hours continuously. Trouble is, after a mere non-continuous TWO hours its (probably expensive!) Halogen bulb died!

Feeble excuse for not having a picture of it? Okay, I have a better excuse… Sporran’s ability to jump onto the counter where the tree stood. That’s the same counter which houses the coffee-maker, the dish rack, the stove top, the toaster, the trayful-of-car-keys-pens-bills-rubber-bands-paper-clips-and-other-stuff-the-housekeeper-

I knew it would not be long before the kittens raised their bar, in a manner of speaking, but I did hope to get through the holiday jump-free.


Some of you have probably been sent the usual flurry of theme-memes. It gets a bit ho-hum after a while, doesn’t it? But here is someone whose wit avoids the trite. Go on! Pop across and have a chuckle.



Your festivities weren’t festive enough? You’re craving a little action to whittle that waistline?
Well, you could always sign-on with the power company for a high-powered position! And if that has the same effect on your knees as it did on mine (and I was sitting down!) maybe you’d rather try your hand at the ancient and noble sport of archery. The Wiltshire Witch has mentioned that she’s not too dusty with a bow and arrow and I have been known to hit the hay bale once or twice. But I doubt either of us (certainly not me!) would split hairs in this argument!


I may be absent from my post for a few days…the Met.Man is keeping a close eye on a low pressure system in the Coral Sea. “They” say it is unlikely to become cyclonic, but our power went off last night ( it was after 6am before I could make a decent cup of coffee! ) and the weather, though showery, was perfectly calm. Go figure!

See? Told you I wouldn’t explain the meaning of Dalderby! Na-na-na-na-na-na!


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A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. haven’t read your first letter so don’t know what the dalderby you’re talking about! (one of my favourite books)

    Kitkats looking lovely – can’t share your enthusiasm for the rain though – I’d just like less – v wet here (when isn’t it?!)



  2. “beautiful epilepsy-triggering effect” — you’re lilling me here, Di. And the babies! How much they’ve grown! Glad you had a happy one (I think it would take a tragedy of biblical proportions to ever get you down!) but now I must off and visit a few links!

    PS Re. “the gift of rain” — you’re so right. I’d rather have a lump of coal in my stocking.


  3. Lilling? Make that killing. Have another shot of brandy in your morning tea, Andrea. (euw)


  4. ziggi…so you’ll know why we used to call a branch manager “Huby.”
    The rain continues to continue, continuously!

    andrea…I expect I could find you a lump of coal;we do have a few mega-tonnes of the stuff!`


  5. I had fun looking at your photos, the cats are so cute and I really am intrigued by the Pandanus roots.

    Best wishes for the New Year


  6. The babies are adorable! My cat left this world last Spring and I vowed to only have dogs from now on – with Zuzu being our only right now. But, just the other night, I was out walking her and I saw a beautiful but cold orange tabby sitting in the alley in 8″ of snow. Zuzu and I tried to see if it had a collar and were going to take it home with us, but it took off into the night. I worry about it even now.

    As to your epilepsy inducing tree – well, what can I add to that?


  7. jafabrit…thanks and good wishes to you,too. Those roots are really weird. I’ve seen people draw cartoons of Medusa-like creatures that are very similar.
    Cynthia…oh, poor pusskin! I hope it found its way to a cosy home.By the way, 3 ginger cats in Wales have their own blog!


  8. Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments this year. I treasure them! Following the story of your kitties is great fun. I love this photo of them sleeping.


  9. I’m fighting this Cranleigh which comes over me from time to time.

    And why does your RSS feed always say you are 3 years behind everyone else?

    And is your name really else?


    • Sorry about the Cranleigh;we all suffer it now and then.
      My RSS feed never communicates with lowly me so I don’t know. (And I was named for a wealthy elderly aunt. Alas, to no avail, so please do not call me Else. Or else! 🙂


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