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Well, gender, to be more accurate. (But I got your attention, didn’t I!)

The other day, following a couple of puddle incidents, I booked the kittens in for neutering. This is another term for castrating MALE animals. Removal of FEMALE organs is known as spaying.

So, in preparation for this unseemly ordeal, they were denied breakfast today. And, believe me, that in itself was something of a trial. They were shut in a bathroom, howling piteously. Rusty scoffed his breakfast, then looked about, puzzled as to why there were no thieves. And nothing for him to steal!

Made alternative transport arrangements for The Man tonight. Put the “boys” in a cat crate and headed for the vet’s.

The vet (not the vet from whom I got these “boys”) weighed them, had a bit a of a feel and a look for the supposed masculine attributes. “This one’s a girl,” he said of Geiger. “And this one’s a girl,too.” He handed Sporran back to me.

So…I’ll take the girls back in a month to be spayed. I suppose the names are sufficiently “unisex.”

Sporran keeping an eye on …somethingLouvres were made for siestas…


On another tack…I was having a discussion with some artist friends the other day about the difficulty of justifying the money some of us ask for our work.Art is not something that can be charged out at a flat rate, like a mechanic asking $60 per hour (if I can find one at that rate I’m keeping him to myself!) whether he changes the oil or just fits a new light bulb.

No, an artist cannot price his work by the time taken to execute it. And in the case of printmakers, there are still many people “out there” who think a print should be cheaper because it’s not an original. “I’ve got a $3.50 tea towel with Mona Lisa on it; why should I pay $100 for a black-and-white print of a flower?”

We do try to explain the difference, but it’s not always easy!

And for illustrators, there is a double whammy of deadlines. I found it hard enough, sometimes, when I had to meet deadlines for written pieces . Imagine the agony of having to re-do an entire illustration because of a spilled water trough. Or an ink splodge where you can’t possibly “disguise” it. Or because it’s the middle of winter and the power has gone off.

Be honest now, have you ever given deep consideration to the work that must have gone into the “pictures” in that book you bought? Did you imagine the artist, hunched over the drawing board or standing for hours at the easel? Perhaps, like me, you looked at the detail, the fine brushwork, the subtle cross-hatching and thought: “Gee! I wish I could do that!”

As I was typing that last sentence, the sky darkened and I’ve had to switch on a light. Times like this, I have great admiration for chaps like Chaucer and Shakespeare and Dickens!

And even greater appreciation of illustrators’ work.



It is possible that the recent computer problems may have been down to

i can fiz thizร‚ sorta
moar funny pictures

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

12 thoughts on “IT’S ALL ABOUT SEX TODAY!

  1. Ohhh! LOL!!!

    Two clever girlie cats! Have fun – what ever you think they’re up to they’ll be ten steps ahead of you! And then they’ll wind you round their little pawses ๐Ÿ™‚

    Pricing artwork is so tricky. With commercial illustration I do keep job sheets and make sure the hourly rate doesn’t drop below a minimum ammount. For limited edition original prints it’s more tricky. My view is that I like people to be able to afford to buy them, cover my costs of the materials/mount/frame, and if I sell all of an edition (between 10 and 25 prints) then the price is similar to a one off oil painting.

    The problem is the term “limited edition” is also used for scanned and litho or glycee reproduction prints in runs of a thousand or more! No wonder the customer gets confused.

    BTW – a sneaky little girlie studio assistant has just arrived on my desk – I wonder what she wants from me? (there’s always a hidden agenda!)



  2. Cats can be so hard to tell the gender of!! Oh well, get the girls spayed ASAP… our vet told us to wait until our kitten was six months old, but before that she had four kittens.

    I confess I know nothing at all about “art”. However I can kind of transcribe what you’re saying into musical terms. I may find the price of a concert or musical theatrical a bit high… but when you think of the talent, training, effort, sweat, and tears, that all go into producing it to that perfect standard we see on the stage… that’s an image I can understand.


  3. oh those cats are just toooooooooooo cute ๐Ÿ™‚

    I haven’t had to justify my prices too often, but usually when it is pointed out time for preparation,the materials, time taken to paint, and hourly wage it makes sense. On the other hand some ask the most ridiculous prices and others mock, but you know why not! If one person buys it, then it was worth it to someone.

    It’s all really a matter of priority isn’t it. Some will pay nearly two hundred on a few face creams at the department store, or a novelty gadget, or matting and framing a poster at a craft store, but for a real piece of art or painting, hum! that is tooo much.


  4. When Yoyo and JC (our cats) were kittens – they use to like to spray the keyboard of my PC with, well with something preet horrid. And I still have them both!


  5. celia…that’s a very helpful breakdown. Thanks, on behalf of non-artists who may read this!
    As I typr this the little black shadows are on the desk, paws draped over keyboard. Great excuse for typos!

    stace…yes, anything which has required a lot of effort, whether physical or mental, is often under-appreciated, so your analogy is another valid one.

    corinne…yep! some will spend (waste?)hundreds on short-term effects and then baulk at quality. As you say, it’s a matter of personal choice and priority.

    mr. bird…I don’t plan on giving up these little brats. In time, they will learn better manners!


  6. The same gender error can be made in a Rio nightclub, I’m reliably informed.

    Life is so much easier with pigs.


  7. Gallery painters have deadlines, too, as I can attest to! But don’t get me discussing pricing. I charge by size only. It’s the safest route.

    Cats are not to easy to categorise — nor revellers in Rio nightclubs apparently!


  8. malc…I’ve heard that.

    andrea…yes, I’m sure you’re right, but it’s still a minefield, especially if you cover several genres.


  9. we have four black kittens. . .


  10. iltv…4 now! Have you bewitched the landlord?
    Anyway, it’s good to see you back.


  11. Thanks for the illustration-deadline empathy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    A more fine-artisty friend of mine is working on pricing herself even as we speak. Currently she’s aiming for by genre/by the inch (it costs more for a portrait than for an abstract for instance). We’ll see how it works out!

    Good luck with your kitties. I know it’s hard on the girls to get spayed too young. Hopefully they won’t go into heat first.


  12. What a hoot! I think the photo of the kitty in the louver is an all time favorite! These little guys…er, gals are just adorable! I liked your last comment about turning on the light and what it must have been like to have been an artist or writer by candlelight! Good way to put things in perspective!


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