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I’ll get to my confession in a minute.

But first, I’ll give you a brief update on the RAIN…it is still raining. Brief enough?

Of course, we are lucky that this is simply moderate-to-heavy rain,with brief periods of non-rain and no cyclonic wind (although some pretty spectacular “son et lumiere” accompaniment!) and it’s doing wonders in some of the seriously parched areas and is topping up reservoirs and flushing some of the algae and rubbish out of streams. (Note to Sky Faeries: Dinahmow’s basement is supposed to be dry, you morons!)

The local Motorists’ Club has an internet map of flooded areas throughout this State, with regular updates. Cute little “traffic lights” graphics in red, green, amber and text details. Very handy for folk, like The Man, who have to venture into those wide expanses beyond human habitation. I certainly wouldn’t want to drive far beyond city limits in a cute little dinky toy even in good weather.

So the oft-maligned transport drivers, the drivers of the big rigs, who pretty much keep this country from grinding to a halt must be grateful for accurate weather reports. Grateful, too, for state of the art communications. *

However, like the curate’s egg of yesterday, there are always some not-so-good aspects. A pot of parsley stood for a day under a veritable Niagara from the roof and I doubt it will recover. My mail box was full of “pulp fiction.”The newly-planted garden over the fence is now largely blocking a drain and/or in my garden, pebbles an’ all.

The topsoil delivered for the new garden…

...and re-delivered on my garden

Another kitten “incident” resulted in my having lines festooned with damp washing. At least they are in covered area under the house.

In this climate, timber floors are difficult to keep clean. When it’s damp, they are too “sticky” to vaccuum.When it’s dry, all the sand and dust blows in and has to be vaccuumed. Often. And this I do. Often.

I also eschew footwear indoors.

Sometimes,then, my feet are not lily-white when I go to my hard-earned rest. But that’s alright, because I’m giving serious consideration to buying my linens from the Army Surplus outlets. There is something to be said for sheets and towels in that olive-drab camouflage pattern…

Oh! Sod the image!

* If that link is not working go to and then to road train


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. It’s been raining here for 48 hours and, during that period, we’ve apparently had our normal quota for a full month!
    I’m with you on the wooden floors and dirty feet, chuck. Here’s hoping we both dry out soon.


  2. We are just plain old cold here, I would welcome a WARM rain. 🙂 Like the pictures of the garden. Just wanted to drop in and say HI!


  3. It’s been raining here for 48 hours? That Reg HA! It’s been raining here for 48 years at LEAST!

    And welcome to the black=foot tribe, it’s full of the very best people!


  4. So call me stupid, but what, exactly, was your confession?

    That you don’t like wearing shoes indoors?


    Maybe we can export some of our dry cold your way, then? Would that help?

    At least everything would freeze.


  5. reg…we’re already dried out and ready for the next deluge!

    hmbt…yes, at least it’s summer here so we can attack the muck in shorts.

    ziggi…oh, yes, all the best people in our clique. None of yer hoi polloi!

    http://www…or should I call you…no, I shouldn’t!Not sure the locals would be happy with frost. After all, most earn their beer money from sugar!But thanks for the offer.


  6. We’ve had a bit of rain here (that’s not unusual), but England seems about to be submerged. So guess where I’m travelling to today!

    Re-pot the parsley, it’s a stubborn bastard of a herb, so you may be surprised.


  7. …and here in america, its sunny where it should be snowy and vicey versey. ITS ALL GONE HORRIBLY AWRY!!!


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