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I do not often get very serious on this blog…but yesterday we farewelled one of the true greats of the 20th century.

We can take much from his human compassion, his doggedness, his tremendous sense of adventure and joie de vivre. And not least, his abiding belief that he” could do it.”

In life’s Great Ledger, few names will be writ much larger. I am proud to have met him. Edmund Hillary.

1919 – 2008

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

12 thoughts on “FAREWELL TO A GREAT MAN

  1. Very true, Dinahmow. There just don’t seem to be any real heroes left.
    A great man – and he and Norke really narked the British establishment because, on what was ostensibly a British expedition, a New Zealander and a Nepalese were the ones to make it to the top!
    On a lighter note, and please don’t think I’m belittling Hillary in any way, but this cartoon always makes me laugh…….

    P.S. Thanks for your help in the Dynagirl search.


  2. You said ‘Ledger’ but I was prettty sure you weren’t referring to Heath.


  3. reg…and yet, he never really wanted to be, nor acted like one.

    andrea…no, I certainly was not! The pointless death of a very young man is clogging the press and the airwaves here. Far more coverage than they accorded Hillary. Another reminder that certain segments of the news media are driving adulation.


  4. I also thought you were talking initially about Heath…not that I know a lot about movie stars, but he was a star?

    So you actually met Sir Edmund? Do tell, do tell…


  5. ww..I’m rather wishing I’d
    used a synonym!

    How did I come to meet Sir Ed? Well, you have to understand that there was an enormous national pride in his achievement and he was invited to speak to schools and various community organisations. I was among lucky kids.


  6. that is always inspirational – hearing someone talk when we are young

    I never heard anyone as impressive as EH, but I did heard/met a couple of people in my youth

    and the experiences stayed with me

    one of the science channels my children watch marked his death with some old footage, but there is a whole evening devoted to the actor guy

    the media’s priorities are all mixed up with their stupid focus on egocentric celebrity*

    (I’m not referring to Heath, and don’t know enough about him to speak knowledgeably and I hope he wasn’t suffering, cos that’s not nice)

    (*I hope as a parent I can filter some of that!)(YIKES!!)

    I’m getting a little confused now, so I’ll stop yakking on

    looking forward to Friday!



  7. A fine tribute. He was one of my childhood heroes.


  8. ISLTV…yes, , I’m sure your children get much more direction than many others with the “electronic babysitter.”

    Ian…thankyou. You chose your heroes well.


  9. this is the first id heard of it. im sorry, but wtf. completely eclipsed by keith ledgers death in the media here. completely. i have a customized news homepage and nobody….NOBODY ran this story as a leader.
    hillary was a LEGEND. you could even use the hackneyed phrase ‘last of a dying breed of men’ for what he accomplished in his lifetime.
    thanks for telling it, dinah.


  10. FN…well, at least some of us recognise the sloppiness of modern journalism!
    I actually switched on my tv the day of the funeral (it was broadcast)and of my 5 channels none had picked up that broadcast.We did see some on the news that evening.

    (I have an email for you.)


  11. We live in a different era don’t we? People scale these mountains all the time now and we think meh.

    WWhat would it take to impress us these days? Our planet now seems like something that we have to rehabilitate rather than conquer. All the Bransons and other millionaire record seekers are a two line item on Google News.

    Aside from curing a major disease I am not sure that we could have any heroes anymore…everything has become so sensationalised and/or trivialised.

    A billion dollars means nothing now…remeber when people talked about Onassis..he was a BILLIONAIRE. ooh aah.

    Yes Hillary is one of the last from an Era when the world took the time to stop and pay attention to others.

    Nice tribute…must have been very exciting to have met him.


  12. HE… the man is remembered as much for his practical help to the Sherpa people as for his mountaineering. Mountains can be metaphorical.


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