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It’s good to have some rain. Very good indeed. Of course folk further south may not agree with me!

Yes, rain is good. It tops up the reservoirs, clears out rubbish and algae from rivers, freshens the gardens, clears the air.

And encourages a whole new generation of biting insects. Just a short walk down the drive has me swishing my arms and slapping at buzzing, whining, biting things. I’ve gone through half a bottle of Calamine lotion in a week.


Illustration Friday: Tales and Legends.
Maui, the Maori demi-god. A trickster (in the ancient sense of the word), Maui’s escapades are a large part of the folklore. Perhaps his best-known adventure is the story of his great fish. Or perhaps it features so large in my memory because it is the island of my birth!

Te Ika a Maui (Maui’s Fish)

Maui’s brothers would never take him fishing with them; told him he would slow them down; he was so skinny they might mistake him for bait!
So Maui secretly made a strong fishing line (with a little magical help!) and fashioned a hook from the jawbone of his ancestress. Before his brothers’ next trip, he hid aboard their waka (canoe) and did not reveal himself until they were too far from land for him to swim home. The brothers were not pleased with him and laughed when Maui asked for some bait. Undeterred, he struck his own nose so hard that it bled and he smeared his blood on the hook and cast his line.
Soon, the brothers’ laughter and teasing died away as a tremendous weight jerked the line and began to drag the waka. They pleaded with Maui to cut the line, but Maui was determined to land his fish.
And when they saw how big it was, the brothers began to hack at it, each trying to cut a larger share for himself. That is why, today, great scars can be seen in the gullies that furrow the North Island of New Zealand.

As in many other folk tales, there are different versions of this story. If you go here you will find more links.


Some more art…

Here is one example of a very old form of decoration, from Kerala, in the south of the Indian sub-continent. You can find an explanation of the technique and more pictures here.
And here

Paintings On Leaves (16) 4

And now…back to my slap dance!

dinahmow's photos

More of dinahmow’s photos

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. I think we’re having too much of a good thing here in Britain. After a wet summer and normal winter, parts of England are under water. Even on Orkney I’m living in my wellies.


  2. He looks happy!

    I followed the link and scrolled down but got tired when I saw a pile of gum under a chair. Do you have the URL of the specific post? Would love to learn more about this!

    PS Can’t stand mosquitoes. Haven’t had to deal with them much so I’m lucky.


  3. malc…I’d have thought wellies are de rigeur up there!

    andrea…well, apart from suggesting that the soaking solution be changed (really??) there isn’t much info. I just hope the mozzies that carry the dangerous parasites(like malaria, encephalitis,Dengue fever,etc) don’t turn up here!


  4. a great story. i love hearing old stories of how things came to happen and came to be.

    he looks very mischievous. i can’t help but like him!

    no rain here. we’ve got about 5 inches of snow still on the ground, here in the valley. i’ve been wearing 4 shirts and a heavy coat in the mornings – the windchills are just toooooo much to bear.


  5. catnapping…thankyou. Yes, myths fascinate me too.And Maui is a favourite.
    I can imagine that wind chill and imagination is quite sufficient!(Cooler today as it rained all night;I’m wearing jeans!)


  6. Hello Idle woman (but it doesn’t look like you’re REALLY an idle woman.)

    Lovely thoughts about rain. I never think about it that way because I grow so tired of it. In England it seems to drizzle so much — and it’s grey. I never stop and think about the benefits.

    I looked through some of your photos and noticed that you do printmaking!! I used to have a great interest in printmaking but I’ve let it go recently. I love working in that medium.

    Thanks for stopping by Feline Fine.


    Kim (and Pearl)


  7. Pearl and Kim…nice to see you here! I know what you mean about the interminable greyness! I lived there for 12 years.(Mind you, when the tropical steam gets a liitle too much like a sauna, I think kindly of snowy hedgerows!)


  8. in my very original blog I did a piece once on a Mauri song that was used as the theme tune for Marina in Thunderbirds

    used to get googled for it all the time

    have a lovely weekend!

    (I only ever used Calamine lotion for sunburn, well my mother used to use it on us – quite why she didn’t use suntan lotion in the first place, I have no idea – it used to take the initial heat/sting out of the burn, but it really hurt when you had to wash it off. . .)


  9. nothing catches those big ones like the blood-smeared jawbone of an ancestress, is what I always say.



  10. I was looking for the photos of your lap dance, when I realize I selectively read it wrong – doh – “slap dance” teehee.


  11. Enjoyed the Maui story and the artwork 🙂


  12. isltv…ooh! I remember Thunderbirds!I never realised Marina’s song was Maori.

    fn…well, I never bled my own nose, but I cut my hand (accidently) when eeling once and that drew some biggies!


    corinne…thankyou.Maui’s a sketch I did for a lino print (which I dare not cut til the kittens grow up!)


  13. How about the time he brought along some of his Wowie Maui? They had such incredible munchies that they ate all of the Moas!


  14. Now I can’t get the image of you lap-dancing out of my head…

    Hope you are not drowning in your rain.


  15. HE I think that’s the Hawaiian variety!

    tlc…I’m sorry to have given you that scary image! And, no, not drowning.Parts of Brisbane are going under!


  16. I’m declaring the ‘R’ word a swear word because you can have too frigging much of it!!

    I shall be round collecting for the swear pot at every post that mentions it and double for those that claim it’s nice grrrrrrr

    Lovely artwork!


  17. ziggi…I’m sorry (a little bit!) for rubbing it in. I tend to forget what it’s like to live in welly-boot-soggy-jeans land.
    Do come by with your swear box and if I have any money left after paying the leccy bills for cooling I’ll drop a penny in it!
    (If I’m not at home, come down to the beach!)


  18. ziggi…I’m sorry (a little bit!) for rubbing it in. I tend to forget what it’s like to live in welly-boot-soggy-jeans land.
    Do come by with your swear box and if I have any money left after paying the leccy bills for cooling I’ll drop a penny in it!
    (If I’m not at home, come down to the beach!)


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