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Ever noticed how time seems more compressed when we think we have some to spare? As if some malevolent little horological goblin is winding back the mainspring. Till Eulenspiegel, in cohorts with Einstein, perhaps?

Whatever the explanation, I find myself once again racing the clock. All this means for blog readers is that I am cheating. Sort of. I’m resorting to kitten pictures. Again.

Geiger is fascinated by the soap bubbles…

And the best way to play with bubbles is to get into the sink!

There is another reason the blog may have to wait… big rumblestorm about to hit! But before I pull the plug…

… from the Crookedbrains site.




Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

14 thoughts on “TIME’S WINGED CHARIOT

  1. Glad your having rain. I gather you need it? Nothing wrong with kitten pictures, I post pictures of Moonshine the hamster sometimes.


  2. LOL!
    Our dear Charlie-cat used to love to recline in the bidet, I think he thought it made him invisible and he could ambush us when we went to the loo!
    Your kittens are not the only felines who like sinks see this (it was a recommended web page in The Times – we laughed til we cried!



  3. the kittie is lovely but what i covet is your SINK. which is both sad and odd. meanwhile, i have two ostrich eggs; they raise ostrich around here-but neither one looks as cool as that jigsaw puzzle one. i covet that too!


  4. I’m addicted to I Can Has Cheezburger and just visited there befotre coming here. I want to label the kitteh picturz.


  5. Ah, but at least they’re your kittens (and they’re cute).The egg carver is pretty amazing, he must have one steady hand, makes me nervous just thinking about it.


  6. I used to have a kitten who loved bubbles… he used to sit on the edge of the bath while I was soaking, and play with the heaps of bubbles, and then sometimes he fell in the bath! Poor thing.


  7. bw…a hamster called moonshine? Does he have a drink problem?

    celia…in the bidet! Waht a hoot.

    fn…you want my sink? Done! Then I can have a legit reason for getting a double one. (It’s the present fad here to have only a single,the theory being that “everyone” has a dishwasher. I don’t.)

    andrea…u can maks capshuns.

    gws…yes, a steady hand, indeed. I’m flat-out slicing bread!

    stace…Hey! new avatar! Wedding picture, is it?


  8. sometimes I worry about FN – she covets your kitchen sink?!

    WHAT? (FN Take more drugs dearest)

    I’d rather have the kittens and never see a kitchen sink again in my life!

    You realise you have cursed us with more rain with your swearing don’t you!


  9. ps I have an Ostrich egg as well that I brought back from ZA, but it’s not carved or anything, obviously their ostriches are not as advanced. (The url came up with a ‘missing’ page so I never got to see how those ostriches did it)


  10. ziggi…sorry ’bout the rain. I even revised my oathing terminology (said words like mud! sludge! sodding-bloody-silt!)Come back tomorrow for latest photos…

    And, everone, sorry if you can’t find that egg-carving site. I tried several times to make a proper link, but it wouldn’t work. For what it’s worth, I sometimes have trouble getting crookedbrains page to load.


  11. Yes, one of my favourite wedding pics, thanks for noticing šŸ™‚


  12. Luv your kitty pics, mine loves the bubbles, but won’t even put his paws in a sink……WATER!!!!!! UGGGG!!!
    Mine loves to sit any where I just sat, and won’t move when I come back, even talks back to me Grrrr. Thinks he’s the king. But I luv him, what would we do without them.
    Glad it’s raining for you guys down there. Would you like some SNOW???? LOL
    Ta for now,


  13. shez…nice to see you again!As to being without our furry “helpers” we’d be lost, I suspect.


  14. No need to apologize for kittie photos as far as I’m concerned! Keep ’em coming! When my cats were kittens they had to be kept in one room and the bathroom and slept together curled up on a towel in the bathroom sink for a month or two. They both got a nasty, contagious skin disease (ringworm) that required their area to be sterilized daily for a couple of months, daily baths, and awful medicine for several months. (I love the idea of rescuing pets from shelters but sometimes you get more than you bargained for!)


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