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A picture I found on a web news page. (I drive up and down this road every day…that white “box” in the middle of the picture is a refrigerator!)

Flood leaves debris around Mackay

The damage bill from Friday’s downpour could run into tens of millions of dollars. (User submitted: Nikki Bourke)

Saint Swithun was much-blamed for the weather when I lived in England, although that was before people had heard about Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect. In fact, I know quite a few of us would have welcomed Global Warming during the Great Miners’ Strike in the 70s !

The miners went on strike in the winter and the dustmen (rubbish collectors or, as they are known in Australia, garbologists) chose a hell-hot summer to make their protest, to better drive home their particular points. A certain logic in that, I suppose…

But back to old Swithun … we have not had 40 days of rain, of course, barely 3, but the chaps at the weather bureau who can do all sorts of clever sums with “proper” long divison and compound interest and all that (brain switches to right hemisphere!) tell us that we have had very nearly the volume that we could normally expect in that time. Some of us are still having it.

Wherever you are in the world, you have probably seen pictures of us on TV news, or at least read of it in newspapers, so I shant go on.


The good news.

La Cave has been re-stocked.


I have been letting the dynamic duo run free, confident that the rain would keep them pretty close to the house. In fact, for a while, they just sat on the front deck and stared, wide-eyed as only kittens can, at the torrent falling like a curtain from the roof.

Eventually, they came downstairs, but did not go far until the downpour eased. It would be a different matter if they were on heat and looking to get a little action! I think I’ll be making an appointment with “you-know-who” next week.

Well, time to check on the drainage channels again, folks…

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  1. dinah, get on the ark! NOW!

    holy CRAP. all that, major appliances and CROCODILES? come on now. i mean just come freaking on now!
    *rushes around in circles with a bucket and a wild look about the eyes*


  2. Check this out!

    Too cold for ANY form of precipifrickintation!


  3. I feel like a baby complaining about the 170 days of annual rainfall we get here. Crocodiles?! and then perhaps, swarms of supersized, scary Australian mosquitos with all that water? (just my ignorant imaginings). This must be all consuming for everyone there.


  4. FN…yeah, but Noah probably has TWO crocs on board.

    HE…I did and here’s a whimsical fact. When W’peg was 33 below, we were 33 above.

    GWS…Well, I haven’t seen any crocs (yet), but they are out there somewhere.As for mozzies…yes, they are a pain. But even worse, for me, are what the indigenes in your part of the world call”no see ’ems.” Nasty little sand flies or whatever.


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