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Well, here we are, after our Day At The Vet’s. You can see from the pictures why we had to be there. We were not scared, but we are VERY PLEASED TO BE HOME. Apparently, these stupid bits of string sticking out of our middle parts have to stay there for at least TEN DAYS! Oh yeah? We’ll see about that…

Sporran, who bounced back , bright as a button, almost the minute she came indoors. (But seen here having a wee snooze…)

Geiger, now fit as a fiddle, was a bit slow to recover; the anaesthetic left her very groggy for 24 hours. OK now, though. Oh, yes!

No cigar for the winner, but would anyone like to guess what this is?

The clean-up continues. Yesterday, I hauled two loads of garden trash to the tip. On the first trip, I had to queue at the entrance! I’ve never seen so many trucks ‘n’ trailers on a Sunday morning! And why? Well, because the City Council has waived tipping fees while we all deal with flood damage. I usually go once a week as the palms are constantly shedding fronds. Clearly, some people are too close-fisted to pay $6 (per pick-up truck) on a regular basis.

I popped over to my friend’s studio this morning to see the extent of damage. Apart from soggy carpets (now out on the pavement to be collected by Council and disposed of) and disintegrated cardboard boxes (learned that lesson, haven’t we!), things are not too bad. The crumbling rubber underlay will have to be scraped up by hand and we’ll get started on that tomorrow. A heavy-duty, super-duper industrial vacuum would be good. But guess what? There is nary a one to be had, either for hire or sale! And neither of us wants to tax our new domestic models!

Mme. Isaac Pereire, called by some the ultimate hat rose.

Around the garden…I have lost a few things, but most of them were from cuttings so I can scrounge more! The beautiful Bourbon rose “Madame Isaac Pereire” which I “rescued” from a nursery garbage trolley and coaxed back to health caught the worst of the deluge from the neighbour’s blocked drain. She may yet recover, but she looks pretty sad.

The pawpaw’s dying leaves make me think of ghosts…

And the pawpaw is struggling to stay upright. Come on, pawpaw, just a few more days of sunshine to ripen your fruit then you can croak!Everything else is toughing it out.

A ripening passion fruit. I’ll need to keep a sharp eye on this and pick it before the possums do! Not an easy task as this is one of the yellow varieties and not as easily seen as it’s purple cousin. However, being rather fond of passion fruit, I’ll be on the look-out! Apart from the juicy pulp, I adore the smell of the vines. It takes me back to holidays at an aunt’s home where a passion fruit vine covered the front porch and where my cousin and I would sit astride the verandah rail (heavily influenced by Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, we were!), biting into the purple skins and sucking the pulp.

Back indoors…and over to the Fearsome Felines…

Not only do we have to put up with these tickly bits of string, we are not allowed to go outside! Well, Dinah does take us on a leash for a VERY SHORT WALK. Sometimes. She says we must not scramble through the garden or roll on the grass in case we get GERMANS. Or something like that. So we must amuse ourselves …

Nobody said anything about Germans on the floor…

Before I go…does anyone want a clue to that mystery picture? A zambloni would be good!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

5 thoughts on “WE’RE BACK!

  1. I am saving up to buy a violin. Please let me know if you have any spare parts.


  2. The skin of a Gloucester Old Spot pig? Sorry, bit of a one-track mind these days.


  3. vicus…certainly not at the moment.(But I understand that the human equivalent, say, from Telegraph types, works as well.)

    malc…good guess, but wrong.


  4. It looks like a close-up of Yoda’s Junk but why would you have a picture of that?
    Nope. It’s prolly an ECU of some plant or fruit, how about the inside of the cat’s ear?


  5. homey…sorry. (I thought you or WW might get it.)


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