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…for what I think is a worthwhile project.

Four years ago, I submitted a print for inclusion in the Compact Prints exhibition. Why this name? Well, the required size is 12 x 12 cms, the size of a CD case. A biennial event, I had a piece in the previous exhibition and now it’s time to decide on this year’s entry.

I spoke with Alana yesterday and she is happy for me to “give her a plug” so here it is:

Umbrella Studio again invites artists working in digital and traditional media to participate in its biennial international print exhibition and exchange, Compact Prints 2008. This event is a celebration of contemporary print practices, embracing traditional, non-toxic and technological methods.

Due to the success of the previous three Compact Prints in 2002, 2004 and 2006, the project logistics have increased, and it is necessary to engage a curator, Alison McDonald, to manage this popular event. In 2006, we also introduced Students In-case, and this will again be incorporated in conjunction with Compact Prints 2008. Not only will we once again involve local secondary school students, we will showcase the fantastic prints submitted by printmakers from all around the world!

We would also like to bring to your attention that participants in Compact Prints 2008 have the opportunity to be involved in the Umbrella Studio fundraiser for the year. Should any participating artist wish to donate a third print, this will be auctioned off on the opening night of Compact Prints 2008, and the proceeds will go towards the various activities and projects of our non profit organisation.Your generosity in donating a third print would be greatly appreciated!

To express your interest in participating in this Umbrella Studio signature event, please contact Umbrella Studio for entry forms and further details.

Thanks and regards

Alana and Alison J

Umbrella Studio, PO Box 2394, Townsville, QLD 4810 Australia Administrator email: ph/fax: 07 4772 7109


More on Rufus

This is what my friend said about the nest birds made at her place. Although built close to daily human traffic, the
nest had three eggs laid over a period of a few days, with a lot of
absences by the parents but they successfully reared the entire three.

So, despite not having seen Rufus (either Mr. or Mrs.) since yesterday mid-morning, I am feeling more hopeful that things will go according to their bird-y plan. Must say, it’s a beautiful nest; one of the twigs appears to be sprouting new green shoots!


A little more from my Sunday walk…

This is a tibouchina, going completely mad and flinging itself everywhere. It is not MY tibouchina. My tibouchina turned up its toes. (I was across the street in this shot and, when I walked over for a closer angle, the most ENORMOUS dog appeared from god-knows-where and BARKED at me. So prudence won!)

C’mon now! Isn’t this the most beautiful soft shade of lilac? Yes, it is! It’s also one of the hated convolvulous family, given to smothering anything it grows near. In this case, it’s doing a grand job of smothering a less-attractive weedy tree and providing food and shelter for all sorts of birds and bugs down by the mangroves.

A crab claw heliconia. Looking a bit ratty as it’s almost “done” but I thought the spiderweb was worth the shot! I thought it might have been a length of fishing line and was going to remove it, but it’s cob’s property!

And now, as the cartoon character says…

That’s all, folks!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

5 thoughts on “A LITTLE ADVERTISING…

  1. Rufus is too masculine a name for a girl


  2. once again, your posts have left me envious and dreaming of far away places!


  3. Look at the Flowers! It’s hard to believe that Flowers evolved with all of those colours and scents just to attract bloody insects to carry their DNA.
    It’s also sort of funny, the peculiar version of funny, that Humans associate Flowers with SEX too.

    It just started thawing here yesterday..seriously this is the first time that we have hit 0 since prolly last September
    *aims index finger at temple and pulls trigger


  4. ziggi…alright…Rufussetta, if it makes you feel better!

    fn…you could visit (you’d have to do the cooking as I never compete with the competent!)

    donn…you want sex and the pretty flower? Read up on orchids, starting with the reason they are called orchid!And don’t shoot yourself – all those nutters south of you will get the credit!


  5. beautiful purples and oranges in those three photos! very inspiring. . .



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