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No, Dinah has not been consulting the ouija board, or messing with hallucinogenic nasties. To explain…

For many years my friend H. and I have conducted a running joke on the subject of tax returns. It is, I think most of you who are not number-nerds will agree, a thoroughly detestable subject and needs the application of liberal doses of humour (and vast quantities of chocolate and wine!) if we are to master the wretched returns. (I’m lucky – I have A Man who does these things!)

H. is the same dear friend who, long ago, introduced me to “The Meaning of Liff.” Our conversations are always peppered with quotes from Adams and Lloyd, one being “swanibost.”*

The Man had spent most of one Saturday, years ago, sitting on the deck, dealing with Inland Revenue nonsense. Plied, of course, with regular cups of tea and vittles. When he finally did stretch his poor, numb legs, he left the briefcase open… Josh always did like to get into things!

I mounted the photo on one of those sticky-back postcards and sent it, with a suitably Liff-ish message, to H.

The negative was long ago lost so when a parcel arrived the other day and this card was inside…well, it was a pretty emotional moment. But it was a happy, silly memory, too.

Also in the parcel from H. was this…

Hand-crafted from a piece of Huon Pine, this is a “collapsible castle.” The turrets all push down and it appears to be simply a block of wood. And I wish you could smell the wonderful pine-y scent!


While the castle is made from old-milled timber (gathering of Huon timber is strictly regulated these days), not all forests or, indeed, individual trees, are accorded that respect.

Yes, I do get a bee in my bonnet on the subject of wholesale decimation of tropical rainforests. Yes, I do understand that many people see this as a legitimate livelihood. No, I do not have all the “right” answers.

But when selfish, greedy, ignorant rich people do things like this in the name of vanity…
Then a whole damn’ hive is let loose.
This is what a chain- saw-and-chipper gang did to some eucalypts and cedars on the hill behind our house (next to the one which led to our flooding episodes, so imagine the run-off now that there are no stabilising trees!) a couple of days ago.

Why? For a glimpse of the largest body of water on our planet. A glimpse!

There it is! What? You can’t see it properly? Oh dear, you’ll just have to do the 10 or 15 minutes walk to the beach. (Or, more likely, drive your SUV!)

The (very small) block of land was sold for somewhere in the region of $100,000. 00 and the building covenants on this estate require houses in similar style, which come in at around the half-million $ mark.

Yes, people, lil ol’ Dinah is living cheek-by-jowl with the filthy rich! Of course, most of the birds and animals that also lived here will now die. But hey! Rich Git will have an ocean glimpse!

This cedar, viewed from our back gate, across our neighbour’s garden, is all that’s left. I suspect because it is on another parcel of land.


*Oh, alright…for those who do not have the book…swanibost: completely shagged out after a hard day of having income tax explained to you.

And now…a request for assistance from you techno-savvy bloggers. How do I “rule a line through” a word/phrase without losing it? In my real world, I do this all the time[I would, for instance, rule a line through “all the time” then, beside it, write “sometimes.”] I am sure it is something so easy I’ll look a proper charlie, but I NEED TO KNOW! (I bet Ziggi knows. And Dave. And ISLTV. Oh! I’ve just seen the very thing at FN’s place! C’mon, guys…help a little old lady.Please? I’ll give you my gingercake recipe.

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Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

13 thoughts on “POST CARD FROM JOSH

  1. 😦 I don’t know, I can strike-through in a word doc but it loses it in translation, as I’m sure you’ve discovered.
    I shall await the answer with quite some interest!

    It’s amazing what vandalism is visited upon trees for the sake of a view, but a sea view is the highest selling commodity a property can have, so as usual it’s down to the £$ in some git’s pocket.

    Saying that I cut down an invasive Laylandii so I could see the plain properly and also to allow light into the house, will I be shot at dawn?


  2. Shot at dawn, Zigs? For removing something that was probably threatening to crack your patio bricks? Not be me!
    As for the line thing, I’m sure someone out there will come up with the info. so stay tuned!


  3. Make sure you’re on the “Edit HTML” tab during the creation of your post, and use “strike” before the word, and “/strike” after, replacing the quotes with “< " and ">“


  4. yes, this is a problem everywhere! Rich people wanting to live in style but somehow not noticing what kind of land and riperian habitat that they are invading. It’s appalling and scary, i’m so sorry this is happening to you as well! Thank You for visiting me!


  5. Absolutely the best rant I’ve read all month!

    I detest developers! I don’t understand people who think they wanna live in the country, and then go and destroy the country building their houses!



  6. Goodness, what interesting pictures.

    And how fantastic to be an idle woman – a status I aspire to. Only a few more years now…


  7. Ryan…you deserve a medal! I knew it might be easy, but…Now all I have to do is summon up the courage to touch html! Thankyou; recipe will be on my next post!

    val and cat…we’re singing from the same hymn sheet, aren’t we? That picture of Josh was taken at our previous home, a log cabin in 10 acres of bush.Yes, we camped on the site before we decided to build and we never, in 17+ years cut down a tree!

    isabelle…welcome! I suppose for “idle” you could substitute “lazy,”
    but I’ve noticed that creative people never do become idle when they retire.They simply have more time to indulge in artistic pursuits!


  8. Now I know where to come when I need to use that strike out idea. And you’re right about the retired. Greg’s main financial focus in life at present is to save for some future retirement when he can indulge his million and one interests (he won’t be the type to die of a hear vattck a week after he hangs up his hard hat) while I’d rather pay off the mortgage in case I get mowed down by a bus tomorrow. I want that ready cash! Too bad it’s all moot, like speculating on what to do with lottery money.


  9. I love that castle!

    Development, touchy subject. I agree completely with your feelings but with a bit of guilt as the house we bought was a new development of suburban sprawl. The plot of dirt I live on was formerly a chook farm (thanks to you my vocabulary has increased by at least one!). It took a few years of new plantings to grow before the birds (other than crows)came back.

    We’re so myopic in changing our environments, a tree removed here, a tree there. It all adds up and I imagine we’re going to pay eventually.


  10. the castle is the most beautiful thing!


    belated easter greetings



  11. andrea…oh! I hear you! With people living longer, governments (ie, tax payers!) will not be able to increase pensions by much so we all need to have great wads of cash under the mattress!

    gws…another steps up to bat for the countryside! And I’m delighted you now say “chooks.”

    isltv…hello!I thought the castle would appeal to you!


  12. It’s easier if I send you an e-mail illustrating this process. its super easy. the problem with posting it here is that this comment box formatted html, and when you use the symbols it tries to turn them into something, instead of just showing the syumbols themselves. So I’ll send you an e-mail.

    I get mad about the same thing here. people grinding up mature healthy trees so some jerk can put in a minimall or a housing development. and they do it by the acre!


  13. …screw it, screw the spelling, you know what i mean, dang…*whacking head on desk*


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