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When I posted the picture of the (yes, Ziggi!) rusty old car engine I had to use that photo, which is not a photo of our “new” car. You see, had I posted pictures of our car it would hardly have been a mystery…

These tail lights are a signature give-away…

And, if the tail lights didn’t do it, then the grill badge certainly would have! Still too young and too “green” to get it?

This is what ours will look like when restored.(But not black.)

Yes, The Man has a new hobby! He’s buying a 43 year old car, in need of major restoration, which will keep him occupied for the foreseeable future. And probably keep him short of cash!
Jeremy Clarkson, eat your heart out!

Oh, did I hear someone ask what sort of car it is? Tsk,tsk! It’s a 1965 Ford Mustang V8. Perhaps better known in these days of catalytic converters, bio-fuels and emission controls as a Yank Tank, or Gas Guzzler. And that’s about all the technical information I’m qualified to give. One other thing…it does not have power steering, air conditioning, electric windows or CD player.


Geiger was purrrfectly certain she could be of great help in the cleaning of fan blades…

She and Sporran are extending their range; they seem to think neighbours’ gardens are more fun than ours. Certainly, the neighbours’ gardens are much neater, with their regularly shaved lawns and clipped shrubs and tidy mulch. But there is nowhere for snakes and frogs to shelter and little in the way of insects for birds to catch.

Whereas, at home, we have all of these natural delights…

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I didn’t have time to nip back up to the house for the camera the day the “girls” caught a whip snake (Demansia psammophis; above) down by the front gate. I just happened to notice a furiously swishing black tail as I looked from a window. So I walked down the drive and there was Geiger, jaws clamped on a yellow faced whip snake, and Sporran eager to “help.”

Now the whip snake, while venomous, is not considered life-threatening to healthy adult humans, but bites to pets can be fatal. Rusty spent some time at the vet’s hospital about 10 years ago and gave his then family a worrying week or so.

So I was not afraid of being bitten myself, although I didn’t exactly want to suffer intense pain and swelling and nausea, thankyou very much! But I managed to separate cat and snake with no further harm to the whippy. But it didn’t slither away when released, so I just watched for a few minutes and when it still lay there, I picked it up for closer examination. Yes, there were bite marks, but no bleeding and the snake could move so I popped it into an empty can and put the can in an old pillow case and just left it in the basement for a while.

Three hours later, it had slithered out of the can and was coiled in the pillow case so I walked to the end of the street and released it into some rough grass.

I was pleased to see it take off at normal whip snake speed. They are extremely fast movers.


After a full day of art, meetings and, it must be said, chin-wagging, yesterday, I need to play catch-up on the domestic front…


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. Great photos! And that car is almost as old as me. I hope it works better.


  2. Ahh, now THAT is a car! Salute to Mr. Man on a FINE choice!


  3. what he ^ said! What a car!


  4. No Air-con … in Oz … in summer … are you mad!!!

    … yer it looks cool though!

    Blimey whip snakes are more scarey than I realised – skipping along the dunes at Coral Bay (on our big drive: Perth to Broome with detours) I kept seeing squiggles in the sand. A week or so later we were with an outback guide on a trip north of Broome and I asked what they might have have been. “whip snakes” said Steve. “Oh! are they dangerous?” I’d gradually realised the locals don’t skip about barefoot in the dunes. “nah mate … but they’ll give yer a nasty nip!”

    Now that I know, I’ll sit in the bar with everyone else!



  5. Your 43 year old car is the one I learned to drive in. I love that car and so wish I still had mine.


  6. andrea…perhaps, but can it paint?

    rew…yes, indeed. Well, one day…

    rimshot…hello again! And thankyou.

    celia…I know;I should have picked the convertible, shouldn’t I?
    Ah, you’ve learned the correct procedure for dealing with snakes!

    katie…The Man says this might be your old car!


  7. great car!!!

    cat’s make perfect dust mops. i used to slide/push mine across the floor, down our wooden hall floor, and i could see the trail of shine…embarrassing. she thought it was a lot of fun, actually.


  8. cat…yes, great car. And cats are just right for polishing long hallways. And for drawing attention to the dust bunnies!


  9. Isn’t it great when men get a hobby that takes them out of the house? Unless he plans to rebuild the engine on the dining room table that is!

    So why did the snake have to go in a tin in a bag? Curiouser and curiouser said Alice.


  10. ziggi…fat chance of his getting the table – it’s got piles of artwork, unanswered letters and, quite often, a cat on it.
    The snake-in-a-can…because I think all wildlife has its place and that was a good place for the critter to recover from his fright before I let him go. (I may not be quite so blase about those scorpions that hang about Northern Cyprus!)


  11. I love a good chin-wag. . .


  12. The infamous John DeLorean invented the Mustang Coupe in 67. I have never really been a FORD guy (Fix Or Repair Daily) myself but the Stang is a classic.

    Geiger gets the Rikki Tikki Tavi Award..and then you let it go?
    Oh yeah, it’s Earth Day.

    I remember seeing a documentary in grade school in which an Aussie ‘Jolly Swagman’ spun a large snake over his head and then cracked it like a whip…
    off went the head.
    Don’t you know how to do that?


  13. Yay! I’ve been waiting for poisonous critters to show up on your blog.
    My husband would be so jealous of that car. I’m sure it would be a nice extra challenge for yours to make it run on corn oil:))


  14. isltv…there was rather a lot of that!

    donn…no, I don’t know how to crack a snake!

    ellen…it gets harder and harder to be “green” around here. And it will have to be sugar ethanol as we don’t grow corn. (Actually, I fill the Toyota on 10% ethanol; it’s the same price as regular unleaded.Go figure!)


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