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But pretty pleased, too! Chumbled again?


Katiejane has presented this Award for Excellence. We came across each other’s blogs via Vivien Blackburn and she lists other art blogs which are also in my bookmarked list.
What am I saying? Well, the others are recognised professional artists and gifted amateurs. So of course I am pleased!

But I’m struggling now to choose 10 recipients whose blogs I consider worthy and who have not already been named. This may take some time…


While you are waiting, here are some pictures…

All safely loaded and ready to come home. Yes, it does go, but is not registered to be driven on local streets.

Rusty checks out his “namesake.”

Then, of course, the youngsters had to do likewise…

I bet the vehicle inspectors are not this thorough!

And, after the “cat scan” it was my turn…
...notice, if you will, the hardwood timber behind that rear wheel…we have a slight deficiency in the handbrake department!

The Man’s pride and joy is currently being dis-assembled and the carport is littered with bits and bolts and a shopping list is being compiled…

Well, we all need a hobby, right?

I have my interests in printmaking, writing, gardening, music. Yes, music.

For almost all of my life, apart from a childhood brush with a horrid, squeaky-sounding recorder, music has been, for me, the listening to, not the playing of. Oh, yeah…I did have a few guitar lessons as a teenager, but never learned much!



Alas, this house cannot “do” big.

It can, however, with some judicious rearranging of some of the junk I keep “forgetting” to put away, accommodate one of these…

So… if my posts are infrequent you will know that I have a legitimate excuse, because I must now learn to play my toy! Well, the piano part I can cope with, but I haven’t a clue what all those buttons do. Some are labelled in Chinese!

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Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. That car… I think I just drooled.


  2. I think you’re going to have hours of time to yourself playing the keyboard! Wish I could play like Jools Holland – but no.


    PS: for a moment I thought my ginger studio assistant has taken a trip down under – then I heard him snoring under the desk!


  3. ryan…I believe, in the circumstances, a little drooling is allowed.I’m saving spit til I see the finished article!

    celia…hah!I play as if I’m wearing gloves. Boxing gloves!
    So, Chester was “down under” in a manner of speaking!


  4. This is a nice piano. I also love piano music and did not learn to play as a child. I tried to take lessons about 15 years ago, learning as an adult was too hard for me. Good luck.

    The car looks great! I’m still jealous.


  5. How wonderful, hope you both have lots of fun with your new toys :).


  6. charge your dynamo dynahmow!

    you’re invited to a party chez moi on Thursday. . . also, if you have some spare time before then, I need a little help with the preparations

    *smiles sweetly*



  7. Yes Dinah, that picture on my blog is of Patti’s dolls, but I think I’m going to try to create my own doll, using hers as a prompt.

    I checked back to October on your blog and read your post about making your doll, but the picture is not there any more. Too bad. I would have liked to see it.


  8. Most of those buttons aren’t too useful anyway. We have a less impressive electric one with buttons to switch the tone. My daughter keeps switching it to eerie “outer space” and plays it RELENTLESSLY. Have fun learning and playing!


  9. kate… Oh! I know what you mean! But I’m determined. ANd I’m not sure where that doll has gone.Deleted, I suspect.Oops!

    denise…nice to see you have time to get your head up from the new carpet. Yes, fun is the intention, for both of us.

    ellen…I’m so glad all those buttons are not “essential.” I did wonder, though, if I pressed “zhiao” 3 times Happy David might cycle to the door with 3 portions of chop suey!


  10. Cat Scan!!!

    Once he gets it going DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT let him watch the way that Steve McQueen drives his ‘Stang in ‘Bullit’


  11. hello, and thank you for your kind words on my blog! sometimes i find it even harder to leave a comment on someone else’s blog then to post something on my own – not sure if anyone else goes through that or if it’s just me being shy? so, i do really appreciate it when people comment!

    also: that is an amazing car!!


  12. isltv…oops! I was so busy getting ready for the party I forgot to acknowledge you!

    donn…too late! He saw the movie years ago, but it’s ok – he doesn’t drive like that.

    m.heart…welcome. I sometimes find commenting difficult;I suppose when we have mutual “friends” in cyberspace we become more relaxed. Anyway, do call again, whether you “speak” or just look.
    And, yes, the car is lovely, although in its present gutted state it’s hard to explain to some folk!


  13. Such a deserved award. Congratulations.
    I loved the photos, and everthing in this house is also cat scanned regularly. Some things more often than that. Boxes or bags say…
    In music as well I am an appreciator rather than a creator, but am wishing you lots of fun with your latest toy.


    • Are you spending a Saturday afternoon back-tracking? 😉


      • Well count me amongst the brain dead. These posts popped up on my dashboard as being posted 3 and five hours ago. Since I am a trusting soul (sometimes) I believed blogger and hopped across to comment. Your comment in response led me to check the dates on these posts, which it seems I missed because I was not yet playing in the blogosphere. I wonder who else is being pestered with my comments on archival material. So … are you a piano player now?


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