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I’m not sure who to blame for this nonsense…probably only myself for agreeing to it!

But it all started, long ago on a blog far, far away…Ellen admitted to having had a seriously bad hair-do and dared others to share similar experiences. Some chickened out. Big time!

And I had to do a bit of archival excavating to even come close. In fact, I go back at least a decade further. And there is, indeed, something comforting about reaching a “certain age.” We really are beyond caring if the youngsters laugh at our old-fashioned ways.

For anyone who cares to know…this was in Italy.


Because you deserve a better picture…here are some Spangled Drongos.

And I am off to do some serious printing…ciao for now.


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. I’m insulted! You clearly didn’t read my blog properly and follow the links, did you???

    Seriously, though, yours hardly qualifies as big, bad hair. You’d better do better than that, Di!!


  2. Pa-leese! My poodle-do completely surpasses your slightly wind blown locks in the humilation scale.

    Intresting birds I must say. All we get here are a bunch of crows and robins.


  3. andrea…yes, I did see you on flickR, but you said you weren’t game to blog that photo. Don’t see why not;I think it’s pretty good iin the glam stakes.

    ellen…ok, so it’s not “big hair” but it’s all I have! At that time, I was reverting from 10+ years of red to natural blonde and, believe me, it looked horrible for months!


  4. My mum used to have hair like that…


  5. hiya!

    I was just wondering where you were doing the conga. . .

    cos I was over here doing it:


    (on my blog the “secret link” lables show you have to click on the link in the text – I usually put it in red – to see what the secret is!)(but at the party, the text is all red, so the links are sometimes hidden!)



  6. dinahmow – so many things I’ve missed! Glad to see you sounding busy and happy. Hope the printing and the cats and the car all progress swimmingly!



  7. stace … hmmm…

    isltv…yes, I did catch up with the others eventually!

    tara…all going well, thankyou.Catching up on blogs takes time, doesn’t it?


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