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In your comment on the previous post, Ziggi, you sounded miffed. Can’t think why, when you have that lovely orchard and what gardeners call “the extended view.” Horses for courses, I s’pose…Oh, yes! and you’ve got those, too. Now I’m depressed!

Is this what you wanted?( For those who don’t know, I made this for a bit of a blog- laugh last year.) Some twit (wonder who?) apparently removed the original picture from the post on October 8, 2007 so this is it again.

Maybe you’d prefer the pretty, dressed-up dolls?
The one with the snazzy red-striped stockings belongs to a friend; the other one is mine. Both made by the same woman. I bought mine last year in Auckland.

Now, I have looming deadlines so this is all for now.


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A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. You’re a doll for posting this. (OK, I’m out of practice. I’ll crawl back in my hole.)


  2. creative – fun, and funny stuff.


  3. andrea…aren’t I just!

    rick…welcome! And thankyou.I’ve just had a flip through your blog.Go! Doodler!


  4. Oh, I love your dolls! I did come looking for the post you said you had with the dolls, but there was no picture. I was sad. I thought you had removed it.

    Your doll turned out so much better than mine, I think. Maybe I will try again another time. I’ve always wanted to make one of those meaningful, wise, “crone-type” dolls, too.


  5. kate…thanks, buut the lace shawl is hiding some mighty awful puckers! Those “crones” you mention – do you mean the stuffed -nylon -stocking ones? Haven’t done one for years, but maybe I will now you’ve nudged me.


  6. Hey Di, probably my last chance to say hello before I go to NZ for a month. Can’t wait but before I go, I’m patiently ploughing my way through a consignment of 52 books I have to send off tomorrow. Seems never ending but I guess by tomorrow they’ll be in a few nice stacks and I’ll be feeling pleased. Like your dolls. xx


  7. testing testing


  8. ok it worked!

    I didn’t mean to sound miffed! I love your gardening posts (and FN’s) but I do weeds and mud as you know! When I win the lottery I shall employ Capability Brown meanwhile I’d like some of those great big daisies. Not the medium sized margaritas (??) but the enormous ones that are obviously no longer fashionable because I can’t find them anywhere! What are they called Di?


  9. Those dollies are kewl…
    no wait, groovy!


  10. ziggi…I think Blogger has been having hissy-fits!
    Yes, I know you like garden stuff and that you’re just p.o.’d with Wiltshire weather.Bank Hols, too!
    As to that daisy. It looks like a tree dahlia, but I don;t know what it really is. I do know that I’ll be paying a hefty price FOREVER as it drops seeds everywhere and also strikes readily from broken bits.Where did I get it? Picked an armful beside a country road(it’s all over the shire!)and poked the twigs into the ground.
    I think you meant to write marguerites, but I suggest you stay with margaritas! And pour one for me, please!

    donn…well, thankee kindly, sir!


  11. I was going to leave a comment about rag dolls, but now I’m sidetracked by marguerites and margaritas!

    may I have one too. . . perlease!



  12. (I’m buying a window box today, for SP)


  13. isltv…yes, have a margarita with us! Once upon a time, a window box was all I had.I shared it with the sparrows!


  14. oh yes – that’s what I meant!


  15. Those aren’t puppets…. they are dolls…. look like they might be from a Patti Culea pattern…. and using some wild Hoffman fabrics….

    enjoyed scrolling backwards through your blog….

    breathtaking scenery in your banner….

    a Canuck wondering if you lived in Canada for awhile too or just keep your eye on happenings here….


  16. veronica…welcome! Thanks for stopping. No, I’m not a Canuck, but have many friends there and have holidayed in BC.
    Yes, the doll I made is based on one of Patti’s.

    I’ve just had a look at your blog.Fun!


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